8 September 2011

By Laren van der Westhuizen

Whilst we all count or pennies and winge about mileage we travel to races, here is a story to warm our hearts and hmble us once again! It also reminds us why we do this sport!

These 2 riders from Uganda made a decision one day that they were going to race the FIM Africa event in Zimbabwe this year. Without much help from their federation and with very limited resources and capital, they embarked on a journey to live out their dream of competing with Africa's best motocross riders.

Armed with just their kit bags and 2 OLD 125cc bikes, they boarded their first bus in Uganda. Changing buses many times, loading their bikes on the roof and fighting their way through borders without papers for the bikes, these 2 riders arrived 4 and a half days later. They were dumped in the middle of Harare and had to find a phone to get hold of the organisers to collect them. The trip took longer than they thought and missed the whole day of training.

Thankfully, the organisers allowed them to practice on the race day morning and they raced 3 successful races in the MX2 class. Whilst they placed last and 2nd last, both riders improved heaps over the days racing!

We all hopped in our cars for our long 10 or 15 hour drive home, whilst they loaded their bikes back on a bus and prepared for their 5 day journey home. What legends!!!!!

The freternity pooled some money together and gave them $600 to help them get home!!!

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