11 June 2012

by MX SA

Calvin Vlaanderen

MXSA: Where do you now call 'home'? (ie: Where are you currently staying)
Michael Docherty: South Africa will always be my home, but I'm currently living in the U.S.A in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: I am currently in Murrieta California but home is Johannesburg SA. Proudly South Africa.

Brandon Hinton: Home for me will always be SA, but i am currently staying at my sponsors house in Hesperia, California and absolutely loving it. Its a riders haven, with endless amounts of trail riding up in the mountains all right from home, and over 10 mx tracks within an hours drive, closest being Comp Edge only 5min away.

Shannon Terreblanche: South Africa will always be home for me, but at the moment i live in The Netherlands.

Damon Strydom: I currently live in the UK in a town called Rugby in Warwickshire in the Midlands , so fairly central for all the racing.

Matthew Beers: I'm currently staying at MTF (millsaps training facility) in Cairo Georgia.

David Goosen: Fareham, Hampshire

Calvin Vlaanderen: I am currently living at Bodo Schmidt Motorsport in Schmelz, Germany. I have settled in nicely and this is where I now call home.

Michael Docherty

MXSA: What is your current 'home' track?
Michael Docherty: Well there's a bunch of tracks close by, but the one we @ most is a Private track on someone's property, we call it (Liberty) coz that's the name of the town it's in.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: I have a few tracks that I ride during the week with Gareth, Competitive edge,Pala,Lake Elsinore,Glen Helen there allot of tracks here.

Brandon Hinton: Being an off-road rider we switch up between MX and off-road riding regularly. Comp Edge could be considered my home MX track due to how close it is. But when we do our off-road training we have a place called Honda Valley thats been around for years and is known for being some of the roughest riding around. We have a couple tracks in the valley that are just huge waist deep sand rollers that are around 7min lap times. Then when we do EnduroCross training we have a track at our house, or we'd go down to Glen Helen's EX track to mix things up a bit. So its hard to pick a specific "Home Track" when we have so much variety to chose from on any given day.

Shannon Terreblanche: Veldhoven is my home track, but the area where i live has around 20 tracks within 30km. A well known track that is almost a home track to me is Lommel in Belgium , where the MXON will be this year, its about 20min from me.

Damon Strydom: Milton Malsor is the closest track , where I raced the Maxxis British Championship this past weekend , but unfortunately we cant practice there. We have a practice track Moto 45 just 10 min from our house where we go and several others scattered around the area.

Matthew Beers: The home track i guess is the MTF track.

David Goosen: Langrish

Calvin Vlaanderen: I would say my current home track is Hoxberg, its about 5km's from where I live. Its a nice track, lots of jumps but not very long.

MXSA: What series or championships are you competing in?
Michael Docherty: I'm not competing in anything right now because I'm injured with a Dislocated shoulder, but when I'm healthy again I'm going try some AMA Pro nationals.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: The SA national championship and the AMA Motocross National championship.

Brandon Hinton: Im currently competing in the WORCS (World Off-Road Championship), EnduroCross and local MX races, and one or two Outdoor Nationals. Adapting to all of these different kinds of racing styles is hard, but im working on improving my overall riding skill and aiming to be a good all-round rider and am great-full to have this amazing opportunity.

Shannon Terreblanche: For this season, i just ride in a few strong National championships. ADAC Mx Masters in Germany, Open Nederlands Kampioenschap in Holland and then some international races in belgium, as well as supercross races in the winter.

Damon Strydom: British Supercross series which is done until November 2012 where I finished 7th overall in the Pro MX2 class , the Maxxis British Championship , the British Masters Championship where I am currently lying 4th overall in MX2 Pro , and I am a reserve for the Red Bull Pro Nationals due to the class of 250 and 450 combined makes it quite difficult to get an entry.

Matthew Beers: There's not really a series that goes on through out the year. We do these championships that are a week long all over the country for example Oakhill national, Millcreek spring classic, World minis in Las Vagas, MiniO's and the biggest race of them all is Lorreta Lynns. It's the most protégés amateur national in the world if u win there you are the best!!!

David Goosen: Maxxis British Championship and Red Bull Pro Nationals.

Calvin Vlaanderen: I am competing in 3 championships at the moment. The main championship is the European 125 championship, also known as the EMX125, this championship is on the same day as the MX2 and MX1 world championship, which is really nice for me because I can learn a lot watching some of the best riders in the world. The second championship Im doing is called the ADAC Masters, its a German championship. The ADAC does not have a 125 class so I compete in the Youngster Cup, but it is really difficult because most riders are on 250's. I was racing a championship called the ONK championship, being the Dutch championship, but the team I am staying with does not do the ONK's and I have missed 3 rounds already. Pity as I was doing really well there!

Brandon Hinton

MXSA: What bike/s are you riding?
Michael Docherty: Kawasaki 250f and 450f

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: KTM 250 SX-F

Brandon Hinton: I'm currently riding a YZ250F, but hoping to move onto the 450 for WORCS and MX shortly.

Shannon Terreblanche: KTM 350sxf.

Damon Strydom: Currently I am on a Kawasaki KX 250F.

Matthew Beers: I ride a 2012 kawasaki 450

David Goosen: Kawasaki KX250F

Calvin Vlaanderen: I am riding a KTM SX 125cc.

MXSA: Who are your current sponsors?
Michael Docherty: G2-Trading, Paintmax, Thor, Parts Unlimited, Total Control Suspension.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: Red Bull, KTM, Oakley, Thor, Motorex, KTM_Powerwear, Pirelli, KD Tube.

Brandon Hinton: I ride for ZipTy Racing. He's been a huge help in mentoring me and getting me onto a championship winning program and cant thank him enough for the opportunity he's given me. My personal sponsors are VonZipper USA, Wethered Clothing, DirtPunk MX but my biggest sponsor still being my dad, and so without him non of this would even be possible.

Shannon Terreblanche: In the Netherlands i ride for KTM NL and they support my team ( Mx dreamteam), and then in Germany i ride for KTM Kosak, which is a really big Dealer in Germany.

Damon Strydom: My current sponsors are the guys we have been with since I started racing in the UK , REVO Technik , GET and Athena , Mark and James and the whole REVO family are amazing to me and are behind me 100% ,my mechanic Sam is amazing and I have taught him some South African lol , and a big thanks to Ryan Frerichs at Racestrong Performance Solutions back home for supporting my fitness program , and I have just acquired a clothing sponsor Getting Dirty for all my casual wear , and my dad for making me lekker braais in summer to give me energy to race and a roof over my head.

Matthew Beers: My biggest sponsor is mom and dad of course!! Smith goggles, Fly racing

David Goosen: Maxxis LPE Kawasaki

Calvin Vlaanderen: I am riding for Bodo Schmidt Motorsport KTM Racing team. Scott has been a huge help this year and I have signed a contract with them for next year already. Wayne and Matthew King, HGS Exhausts and VHM also sponsor me and the team has a lot of sponsors including Twin Air, Michelin Tyres, Rock Oil, Dekra, NGK.

Shannon Terreblanche

MXSA: What BIG name riders live near you, if any?
Michael Docherty: Broc tickle is from North Carolina and Jacob Hayes lives about 2 miles from me.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: There so many, Bagget, Wiemer, Wilson, Gareth, Tyla, Broc Tickle and so many more.

Brandon Hinton: Ty Davis is one of the most winningest riders in the history of our sport and has won in every form of dirt bike racing possible (including Supercross, Motocross, WORCS, Hare & Hound, National Enduro and Baja), so living with him defiantly takes the cake. Another current Pro living at Ty's is my team-mate, Gary Sutherlin. He has been my mentor and taught me a lot of secrets in making it pro and so he is another major influence on my racing.

Shannon Terreblanche: Well almost all the GP riders are around this area, I used to live in Balen, Belgium, and around Balen and Lommel all the GP riders live during the season.

Damon Strydom: Well Rob Herring is not too far from where we live , and Nev Bradshaw is down the road in Northampton about 20 miles from us , and I'm good mates with Gordon Crockard and his Manager Steve Dagger , and pretty much see all the big names when I go out in the week practicing , Nicholas Aubin , Mattiss Karro , Martin Barr , Elliot Banks Brown and now and then I see Tommy Searle when he is not away for the GPs , and I talk to Dave Thorpe quite allot , he is really an awesome guy.

Matthew Beers: We have Justin Barcia, Kyle Peters, Gavin Faith, Martin Davalos, Davi Millsaps.

David Goosen: All the top British riders....Zac Osborne and Arnaud Tonus are just around the corner.

Calvin Vlaanderen: My teammate Romain Febvre is living with me at the moment, he is the European MX2 champion from last year. He rides in the MX2 world championship now.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald

MXSA: What do you like about MX in your new country?
Michael Docherty: It's much bigger than SA, more variety of tracks and competition.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: It's very professional and popular but at the end of the day I just love being on my bike.

Brandon Hinton: The thing i love most about the WORCS series is the format its run in. The racing is intense, fast paced, exciting and spectator friendly. It's taking me a while to get used to the intensity as you sprint at a motorcross pace for an hour and a half on the most demanding tracks you'll ever come across in your life. But thats what is so fun about it!
With the Endurocross i love how spectator friendly it is, and is awesome to see enduro come into the spotlight and attract the same amount of crowds as supercross races do. It's easy to see that EX is the future of our sport and is defiantly where all the money and sponsorship's are going.

Shannon Terreblanche: I like how big motocross is, and almost every person on the street knows what mx is.
There are so many races to choose from each weekend, for example in Belgium alone (Which is a very small country) you can choose from maybe 10 different federations, and in each class there will be full gates.

Damon Strydom: It is extremely professional with all the big teams and setups here and always a full gate of riders and spectators are awesome here , I have never signed so many autographs and the fans love it.

Matthew Beers: The best thing about motocross here in America is that it is so big and serious there are so many good riders and tracks its impossible to not be good riding with such good riders and the track are just out of this world!!

David Goosen: The competition is a lot stronger and a lot more variety of races and venues and championships.

Calvin Vlaanderen: Motocross is so much bigger here, I really like that there are lots of fans and spectators at the races.

MXSA: What DON'T you like about MX where you are?
Michael Docherty: The only thing I can think of is the heat & humidity. It's so hard to breath when you ride.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: Not much,it's pretty good here.

Brandon Hinton: There's not much that i could possibly complain about, everything is run so well over here. The biggest negative about racing here would be the economy. The bike industry is defiantly feeling it here, making it almost impossible to find sponsors and receive any support and from what i hear, numbers at races are dropping too. But that isn't anyone's fault and unfortunately it's just how life goes, and all we can do is hope for it to improve again to the level it was only a few years ago.

Shannon Terreblanche: I don't like all the rules and how strict the countries are, for example on Mondays all the tracks are closed. In Holland the tracks are open on Wednedays and the weekends, so if you want to go riding on the other days you have to go to Belgium to train. Also the tracks only open at 1, but that's not such a big problem.

Damon Strydom: The weather is very unpredictable.

Matthew Beers: They are so fast!!!!

David Goosen: Practice fees are expensive, group sessions give limited riding time.

Calvin Vlaanderen: Sometimes when we go training at a track there are many beginners riding, which is dangerous when we are jumping big jumps and don't know if they've crashed on the other side or have stopped on the jump.

Damon Strydom

MXSA: What do you miss about SA?
Michael Docherty: My family and friends.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: Haha everything, family, friends, girlfriend and biltong!

Brandon Hinton: I defiantly miss my family and having them all at the races each weekend helping and supporting me. It's pretty tough being 19 and living on the other side of the world to all your friends and family and has been a huge learning curve for me. Ive always had someone to go to when i need help or advice, but being here all on my own has forced me to learn how to be independent and what it takes in order to be successful. Other small things that i miss are having braai's, going to the bush, biltong, all the South African culture pretty much... But sacrificing those things in order to be successful and doing what i love is all worth it and i'd do it in a heartbeat.

Shannon Terreblanche: Everything, haha. I just miss SA as a country, i have been almost everywhere already in my 8 years in Europe and 4 years riding Grand Prixs, except the states which I'm sure is a lot like SA and really nice, but everything else has nothing on home to me.

Damon Strydom: The Weather lol and family that are in SA and my mates.

Matthew Beers: I miss all my friends and family its pretty tough sometimes but they support me 100%

David Goosen: Friends, easy way of life and all round good weather.

Calvin Vlaanderen: I miss my family the most, but thats obvious. I miss Cape Town as a whole. I really miss surfing, and I miss the beach.

MXSA: Why did you leave SA?
Michael Docherty: It's always been my dream to race in America and make a name for myself.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: That's a hard question and ask myself that every time I leave home but I guess I'm living my dream racing my bike and want to make the most of it.

Brandon Hinton: My entire life i've always wanted to go and race in America, i'd live on the internet following every race, watching every MX DVD 100 times over, it was the only thing on my mind. And then after finishing school last year my dad gave me the opportunity to go over for 2 months to train and gain as much experience as possible before coming back and racing the rest of the year in SA. But i was lucky enough to meet the right people that saw my passion and desire to race in the US and gave me the opportunity to live and race for their team. I've been extremely lucky with that and i often have to pinch myself to remind me im not dreaming and that this actually is my life.

Shannon Terreblanche: Well i wanted to follow my dreams with Motocross.

Damon Strydom: To race overseas and further my career.

Matthew Beers: I left SA to try make a career out of motocross.

David Goosen: Emigrated as a family, to further my career.

Calvin Vlaanderen: I left SA because I want to do motocross as a career and I found in SA that I wasn't really getting anywhere with my career and what I want to do in life.

Matthew Beers

MXSA: What are your goals for 2012?
Michael Docherty: Well, my goals where to qualify for Lorretta Lynns and do the last couple AMA outdoors, but unfortunately the first week I was here I crashed and dislocated my shoulder, so I won't be able to do Lorrettas. I should be healed to do the last AMA outdoors.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: I want to win at home and score some AMA national points. Sounds easy but it's far from that!

Brandon Hinton: My goals for 2012 are too make a name for myself in the US. I want to continue to improve my results in the WORCS and place top 5 in Sundays Pro race consistently.
For EnduroCross i want to podium the Amateur class and qualify for the Pro race before the end of the season.
For Outdoors i want to try and qualify (top 40) for the weekends race.
And i'd like to end the year off with a top 10 result at the Roof of Africa Extreme Enduro.

Shannon Terreblanche: At this time id like to get some top 5 results in both the ADAC and ONK races, and to try win the Dutch Supercross Championship, last year i finished 2nd with the same points as the champion.

Damon Strydom: To finish top 5 in the British Supercross series at the end of the year , to score points in the Maxxis British Championship and to Podium at the British Masters Championship .

Matthew Beers: My goal was to go to Lorreta's but i broke my foot pretty bad so that's finished now but I'm just going to get strong and healthy for MiniOs in November.

David Goosen: Just to mention, I was injured and had to have reconstructive surgery on my knee in May for the second time which has put me out of most of the 2012 season, my team are very supportive though and are looking forward to my comeback. To recover from my second ACL knee operation, going well, and to return to racing in September in top form.

Calvin Vlaanderen: My goals for 2012, I would say to finish top 4 in the european championship is a realistic goal and to get top 5 in the world championship. I know that its not going to be easy, but I will always try my best.

David Goosen

MXSA: What are your long term goals?
Michael Docherty: To make motocross my career.

Kerim Fitz-Gerald: I don't think i've thought of that really, I want to race till I'm grey and old for sure but I'll go where the road takes me.

Brandon Hinton: My long term goals are to live and make a carrier out of racing in the US. I am loving what im doing at the moment and couldnt imagine myself doing anything else. I am totally committed to making it Pro and being a championship contender in the WORCS and EnduroCross series. I am confident that im on the right program to get me there, the big question is just how soon. Money is also tight at the moment, so thats another factor that comes into it all. But ultimately it all boils down to how badly you want it, and how hard you willing to work for it.

Shannon Terreblanche: Most of the people don't know the situation in motocross at this time here in Europe, Its so difficult to get good sponsors or a good team and if you want to ride GP's you need to pay to ride for a team, almost always. Most of the riders in the GPs are paying an average of 50 000 euros for a season with some teams charging up to 150 000. My long term goals are just to work as hard as i can, and to get a good team with good support so that i can make progress. If i got a good offer to go back to SA and race i would consider doing that, i would also love to get the chance to go over to the states and try racing there, that is
actually a big dream for me, but its hard as i know no one there who could possibly help me.

Damon Strydom: Well, to win the British Championship would be amazing so I'll work on that for now. It's gotta be one of the toughest domestic championships in the world at the moment with all the GP riders here and Nev is doing us all extremely proud.

Matthew Beers: Ultimately my goal is to become pro and win titles like Grant langston and Greg Albertyn. It's a long shot but i just want to be the best rider i can be!

David Goosen: To be happy in whatever I am doing, and to be a successful motocross rider.

Calvin Vlaanderen: I will always want to be world champion, until that day comes, that is my goal.

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