20 January 2013

by Laren van der Westhuizen

Photographs courtesy of Brodalka Photography

MX SA: Can you tell us where you are racing and who you are racing for in 2013?
I am racing here in South Africa this year. I live in Cape Town so I will be doing the regional series here as well as the nationals.
My sponsors are Fast Powersports, Rockstar Energy, Kawasaki team. Along with my personal sponsors Thor, Cecil Penny Racing, Pelotrain, and Circa.

MX SA: What are your goals for 2013?
I will be racing in the MX2 class this year. I am hoping to just be consistent this year, and take it race by race. Its going to be a very tough class this year. I am aiming for the championship, but just want to try and be on the podium each race. But we will see at the first race, can never tell what is going to happen!

MX SA: Which series will you be racing?
I will be racing the WOMZA series for 2013.

Photographs courtesy of Brodalka Photography

MX SA: How is your training going?
Training is going great, I am feeling really good about the first national and can’t wait for the racing to start! Since I got back riding which was in October I have slowly been building up to where I am now, and am also back training with Pelotrain so things are going really good!
Also feeling really good on the bike, think the time of recovery did really well for me!

MX SA: How is your injury feeling?
Injuries are all sorted, made a very good call last year to get the shoulder surgery last year after Cape Town national. Although it was a long recovery, it was something that had to get done. Now finally I can come into a season, not worrying about current injuries!

MX SA: Who is your biggest threat in 2013?
The main competitors for this year will definitely be Richard van der Westhuizen, Kerim Fitz-Gerald and Anthony Raynard. But it will definitely be a very tough and competitive class next year, really looking forward to it!

MX SA: What national are you most looking forward to?
I am really looking forward to Cape Town and to KZN at Teza.

Photographs courtesy of Brodalka Photography

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