22 January 2013

Cape Town Motocross Club


The Cape Town motocross club will host their first race of the season on the 26th January at the Zone 7 MX track. Twenty five of their members will be participating in the WOMZA national series this year and since the track surface is very similar to that of Dirt Bronco, they will be well prepared ahead of round 1. With over 100 entries, racing will be intense and the national contenders will get a good deal of strong competition. A number of Rover (Port Elizabeth) riders have also entered, so an exciting day of racing awaits.

In the 50cc class, Ike Klaassen will be hunted by Olli Glover as well as Calum Marriott who looks in great shape. Newcomer Storm Lanfear, who is running 2 seconds off the track lap average, is set to mix it with John- Henri Vaughan, and one mistake from these contenders could see a very different result. At least five of these boys will be going flat out at the national series and are intent on keeping the 50cc pro title in Cape Town.

In the 65cc class, Storm Van Den Heever is set to battle it out with Ethan Coleman and Chris Erasmus who are running very respectable sub 1.20 lap times on the short circuit. Ten other 65cc riders will be in there to spice things up. In the 85cc small wheel, Josh Geringer and Jason Du Toit are going to have their hands full as 9 year old Justin Sangster, on his Pro Circuit Works Kawasaki, is set to cause huge problems for the 12 year olds.

In the Pro Mini class, Brad Sullivan and Chad Homan are set to battle it out for top honours. Both these riders will also be on the national circuit this year.

The 125cc high school class is going to be the one to watch as Dylan Stokes, who is in great form, is challenged by Conor Fletcher and the resurgent Maria Pulinckx. Stokes will be a very strong contender in the national series and is determined to bring it home for Cape Town.
Dylan Stokes in the 125cc class is expected to dominate the class and will be a contender for the National title.

#810 Dylan Stokes

The MX 2 class will offer the spectators some nail biting racing and no predictions can be made here. Caleb Tennant, Calvin Vlaanderen and Justin Mittens are the favourites, but overseas rider Tom Kennedy is also running very respectable times. MX 2 will not see Anthony Raynard on the line as he has not yet taken delivery of his new Kawasaki.

In the MX 1 class, Anthony Raynard is expected to dominate proceedings. He will be chased down by the returning Jan Ryan and the solid Kevin Cassie. These two are still battling with their fitness, being early in the season. Damon Bage from Rover, will do his best to beat Cassie who took it away from him at the Rover track at the final round of the Cape Coastal Challenge last year.

In the ladies class, Elizmay Phillips is expected to be upfront but closely chased by Puck Klaassen and Bo-dene Scott. Phillips has improved hugely during the off season and with refinement being done by coach Dean Hoffman, she will be a very strong contender for the ladies’ title this year.

The club will also run an intermediate, Enduro and a social class.

The VMX guys have also joined WOMZA this year and will be supporting the CTMX events. This class is always a pleasure to watch.

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