28 January 2013

by Dean Hoffman Racing

As the coach and team manager of four of the most talented riders in Cape Town, I was truly enthused by their individual and collective commitment. They all exceeded my expectation and achieved the expected results.

Ike Klaassen, (50cc pro senior) dominated the class getting the holeshot in all three heats and winning all of them in style. Whilst Calum Marriott, from our associate team, ORBIS Racing, mounted a brave challenge, it was not enough to unseat Klaassen.

In the 85cc small wheel class, Justin Sangster displayed tremendous aggression and he too got the holeshot in both heats with a gate of 22 riders. In the first heat he destroyed the opposition and was almost half a lap ahead of the second place rider. In heat two, he made a mistake and dropped the bike. After eventually getting the bike started and like a demon possessed, he picked them off one by one to end in third place with an overall of second for the day.

Justin Sangster on his Pro Circuit Works Kawasaki earned the hole shot in both heats.

In the 125cc high school class, Dylan Stokes also earned the holeshot in both heats and went on to win both races by a country mile. He displayed some awesome riding technique and has clearly made his intentions known with Round 1 of the National series just over a month away. Second into the holeshot was young Matt van Galen who rode a brilliant race and displayed amazing maturity. Matt is set to progress at an alarming pace as I develop and refine his already smooth riding style. Matt beat some experienced campaigners in the heat. I am expecting great things from this rising star.

Dylan Stokes, bike 801, is closely followed by his team mate Matt Van Galen, bike 48,
into the holeshot corner at Zone 7.

We are set to continue with our training program ahead of the first WOMZA national at Dirt Bronco on 23 & 24 February.


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