3 April 2013

Dean Hoffman Racing

Published with Permission.

In an earlier report, I mentioned that the four members of the team would dominate the local scene and be strong contenders at national level. Well, after the Cape Town National, I might have to set higher goals for the boys!!! All of them dominated proceedings in their respective classes with many flashes of brilliance being displayed.

#44 Ike Klaassen

In the 50cc Pro Senior class, Ike Klaassen won heat 1 and after two bad starts in the remaining heats, was nevertheless able to claw back to a very respectable 2nd place overall. Ike would certainly have done better if he had not got caught behind a few slower riders. Ike was relentless in his charge to get to the front, which proved that he has matured quite a bit since the beginning of the year. He remained on track with the race tactic, so I am therefore happy with his result. He ran lap times very close to the circuit record, this with 23 other riders in the field. Ike is in high spirits for round 3, in May in Port Elizabeth!

#51 Justin Sangster

In the 65cc class, young Justin Sangster again demonstrated his talent, composure, patience and when required, his aggression. He too achieved a second overall for the day and in heat 1, posted the fastest lap time. This result has proven that he is able to beat any other 65cc rider in the country – this due to his unique ability to race according to the conditions on the day. Justin followed the strategy set, which brought him the result. He also competed in the 85cc junior class on his KX and ran VERY respectable times achieving 6th place in the two heats – bearing in mind he is three years younger than most of the field.

#810 Dylan Stokes

Dylan Stokes took control of the 125cc High School class and was clearly faster than the rest of the field. He bagged the maximum points and had to make a pass on Bradley Cox in all three heats. He made this look effortless with his skill and confidence in the sand. Although Cox put up a deserving challenge, he was never really in a position to unseat Dylan. This result pushes him just short of leading the national standings in the class. Dylan followed the team game plan to the letter and executed his passes in text book style.

#48 Matt Van Galen

Matt Van Galen who took part in the off road national in Lesotho, showed a fighting spirit by taking on a race in poring rain with plenty of up hills and huge rocks! After a few tumbles Matt managed to remount and finish the grueling event. Matt will join the team in Port Elizabeth, and will certainly be a strong contender for top 3 with his high fitness level and excellent sand riding technique.

Well done guys – I am so proud of you. Port Elizabeth here we come!!!


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