8 April 2013

By Laren van der Westhuizen

Wow, what a start to 2013! New team and great results.

MX SA: Tell us how you got to ride the Husqvarna for 2013?
TP: From Brad Anassis Portable Shade.

MX SA: This is your first year in MX2 off pro-mini, yet you are already in the top 5. How have you managed to do it?
TP: A lot of training and good support.

MX SA: Have you had coaching in the past and how has it helped?
TP: Have traind with Laren van der Westhuizen, and it has helped a lot.

MX SA: Who trains you now?
TP: My Dad who has helped from day one.

MX SA: You stay on a farm and have your own track, how much does that help?
TP: It helps a lot as I can go ride when ever I feel like. I can see my track from my bedroom. The down side I have no one to ride with.

MX SA: Have your results surprised you?
TP: Yes

MX SA: What is your goal for 2013?
TP: Top 3

MX SA: What is your long term goal?
TP: Race overseas at Pro level.

MX SA: The BIG question is can you beat Richie?
TP: Yes

MX SA: Who would you like to thank?
TP: PS Husqvarna , Liqui Moly, Pirelli, TRP, Racestar Graffix and my Mom and Dad, family and Friends.

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