29 April 2013

Cape Town Motocross Club


CTMX once again attracted 120 plus entries to their club race which was held at the Zone 7 track. Racing was intense in all classes with some of the past champions returning to spice things up. The weather conditions were perfect and the new changes made to the track were tempting for the field. Once again, around 1000 supporters packed the stadium area and boy, were they treated to some brilliant racing.

In the 50cc newbie class, Carl Geddie ended up on top of the box but worthwhile challenges came from Iwahn Roux and Matthew Carmichael who came second and third respectively. It was really encouraging to see two girls, Anika Groenewoud and Haile Hidden in the mix and they are making such good progress.

In the 50cc senior class, Ike Klassen had it all his own way, but not before Ollie Glover hole-shotted two out of the three heats. John Henri Vaughan did well to come through in second. Calum Marriott who has really upped his game had to withdraw due to mechanical failure. This was hugely disappointing as he was lying in second place in the club championship and was realistically the only other rider capable of challenging Klassen this year. John Henri Vaughan did well to be chosen as the ‘Flatline’ junior rider of the day.

“Just my size” Les Glover, waits for Ollie to arrive

Inn the 65cc class, there was nothing between Ethan Coleman, Chris Erasmus Ike Klassen and his older sister Puck. Racing was very close with only about two seconds per lap between the group. Erasmus won heat, 1 but it was Coleman who dominated the second heat from start to finish. Erasmus won the day, Coleman was second and Ike Klassen came in Third. At least three of the 50cc pro riders are now starting to move onto the 65cc, so the club has a good stock of 65 riders.

The 85cc junior class was another cracker with Jason Du Toit showing huge determination and pace to win heat 1 after Justin Sangster earned the hole shot. Du Toit has improved significantly and has developed in confidence. Du Toit on his KTM cleared all the big jumps and hunted Sangster from start to finish. He made a classic pass on Justin in the final corner about 40m from the flag. Heat 2 saw Sangster earning the hole shot again, but this time he realised that he needed to up his game. True to form, he brought the hammer down and had built up a lead of about 100m by lap two. Du Toit, feeling the pressure and trying too hard, made a mistake and put it down. Sangster disappeared and won the heat with Troy Sullivan getting 3rd slot.

Justin Sangster, winner of the 85cc junior class – all togged up and ready to go !!

In the 125cc class Dylan Stokes was up front and won both heats but was admirably challenged by his team mate Matt Van Galen, who was only 1 second off the pace. Van Galen who is almost three years junior to Stokes and certainly the youngest in the field, will be the man to watch in next year’s national series. Conor Fletcher was left a good few hundred metres behind and could simply not match the pace of the two front, Dean Hoffman racing, riders.

In the MX 1 class Anthony Raynard was back to himself (with his hand now fully healed). Enzo Grande came in second and Dylan Donald earned the number 3 slot. Raynard also won the R500 Caring Candies fasters lap of the day.

The MX 2 class was dominated by Caleb Tennant, who is looking spectacular and very solid. Caleb is determined to do well at the next national up in Port Elizabeth next week. Second was Tom Kennedy and third was Justin Tyler. Tom Kennedy also won the ‘Flatline’ senior rider of the day. Matt Geldehuys, (SA champion 2009) proved that he could still mix it with the big guns but fitness was a major consideration.

Riders in the MX 1 & MX 2 classes on the line at Zone 7

The MX 3 class delivered an intense battle between the long time rivals – Terence Monk and Alec Combrink. It was Matthew King on his 350 KTM who got the holeshot in both heats but the pace of Monk and Combrink was just too much for him. Fitness is clearly still a problem for Matthew but he seems determined to get back to challenge. Monk got the top slot, George ‘Flatbox’ Liebshen who also rode a solid race was second and King came in 3rd. Cape Town is lucky to have the depth and quality of these vets and masters and even the little kids enjoy watching them.

The VMX guys were again out in full force to support the club. The spectators love watching these old machines being powered around the track. Thanks to Gavin Williams and Michael Cadwell for the support.

There was also some great action in the support and social classes with many new members venturing out.

All the results:

50cc Junior
1. Carl Geddie
2. Iwahn Roux
3. Matthew Carmichael

50cc Pro
1. Ike Klassen
2. John Henri Vaughan
3. Ollie Glover

1. Chris Erasmus
2. Ethan Coleman
3. Ike Klassen

1. Justin Sangster
2. Jason Du Toit
3. Troy Sullivan

1. Dylan Stokes
2. Matt van Galen
3. Connor Fletcher

1. Anthony Raynard
2. Enzo Grande
3. Dylan Donald

1. Caleb Tennant
2. Tom Kennedy
3. Justin Tyler

1. Terence Monk
2. George Liebchen
3. Matthew King

1. Inge Bogerhausen
2. Samantha Pead
3. Elizmay Phillips

1. Justin Schultz
2. Lee Wright
3. Calvin Wright

1. Nian Du Toit
2. Eric Groenewoud
3. Stiaan Mohr

1. Tom Bogerhausen
2. Michael Cadwell
3. Gavin Williams

For more information please go to www.ctmx.co.za

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