30 April 2013

By Laren van der Westhuizen

We are faced with the dilemma of a wide spectrum of riding ability in SA, but only really one professional racing series for all to do. Whilst this suits the top sponsored riders, there is a huge amount of riders sitting on the sidelines with no where really to race. Track owners are faced with the dubious task of making a track that is challenging enough to attract a national, (which puts his venue on the map) and keeping it tame enough to attract the "weekend worriors" where his money will come from. There are a few solutions to the problem and here we go.

In order for MX to survive in SA, a club series and fun days have to be ressurected. Regionals and nationals are just too high a level for the average new rider and very definately, intimidating. National level tracks, like Melkbos, Rover and even in some ways Teza, can be very tough for a new rider, especially if they are prepped like a national track should be. Even Dirt Bronco can be tough when it it ripped and watered for national standard.

Recently, Dirt Bronco has brought back their club series which happens on their bottom track, which is very much aimed at new and social riders. The last club race brought about 85 riders of which only maybe 15 were regular regional riders. This is the exact thing we need to help build the base of MX again. In Capetown, Zone 7 has been brought back into the equation, and being a much easier track than Melkbos, has helped put MX back on the map in Cape town. The track can get over 200 riders on a weekend, just showing there are many riders around.

The Club race day at Dirt Bronco

Bloem were at the forefront of ressurecting mx in the Freestate. They toned down the status of their events and were aimed at complete socials. The track was prepped accordingly and they now have grown their mx base from 2 to about 70 or so. The has brought the Bethlehem track back and now a track in the Northern Cape.
Queenstown was wrecked by national mx that was too high for the average person in Queenstown to maintain. Justin Wood has taken over the track again after a stint in Australia, and he will do well to keep it simple to get the numbers up there.

Nationals have their place in SA, but too much focus has been there for too long. The beginners have been neglected and it is great to see the track owners making an effort to bring about club racing again which is the grass roots level of motocross.

Syringa has joined in and have worked out dates with Dirt Bronco that don't clash.The full focus will be on fun, with simple easy tracks and I am pretty sure, great results.

MXSA salutes the fraternity for putting the focus back on development and it has all started with the tracks.

Dirt Bronco Club Race Dates:
- 27 April - RACED
- 18 May
- 29 June (TBC)
- 27 July
- 31 August
- 28 September
- 26 October
- 9 November (Championship prize giving)

Syringa Club Race Dates:
- 11 May
- 29 June (TBC)
- 20 July
- 17 August
- 14 September
- 5 October
- 2 November
- 7 December


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