22 May 2013

By Laren van der Westhuizen

MX SA: You have established yourself firmly now as one of SA's hopefuls to fill the shoes left by Tyla Rattray and Grant Langston. What makes you such a talent?
It's not really talent its more self-belief, and if you believe in yourself the results will follow.

MX SA: When did you know that you were going to be a top rider?
In the 50cc Pro class I started to get the occasional podium finish. Once you get a taste of the podium then you want more and more.

MX SA: You raced overseas in 2012 and did really well. You are planning to go again this year, what races are you planning to do?
The first event is a Rebdull event in England, the second is one of the Dutch National rounds, and the third is an event called Masterkids in France.

MX SA: Why did you choose these races?
My father chose the Redbull event because we want to see how I compare to the riders I raced against last year to make sure their level is not increasing faster than mine, Then we chose a leg of the Dutch national series because I want to ride against some of the best sand riders in the world, and Masterkids because then I get the chance to ride against other Riders from all over Europe.

MX SA: How are you expecting to do at these races?
I want to come home with three podium finishes, I will be racing on three new tracks so let's see what happens.

MX SA: Who will be helping you over there?
My sponsor Intertherm will be funding the majority of the trip and I have been saving my pocket money for the trip as well.

MX SA: If you do well, then what? Full time 2014?
I'm still a bit young so maybe in 2015, but you never know what might happen.

MX SA: Tell us about your family and how they have helped get you where you are.
We are a Motocross family 100%. My parents really support myself and my other two brothers, Nicholas and Sebastian. We all pull together and work on raceday to achieve good results.

MX SA: Is racing in Europe a far off dream for most people, or do you think anyone can go?
Anyone can do it. SA riders are very talented and well respected in Europe and SA has proven itself time and time again over the years.

MX SA: How are you preparing for your overseas campaign?
At the moment I am just doing my regular amount of training and riding but from next week I will increase the training and riding.

MX SA: What are your goals in SA for the rest of 2013?
Win the SA national series and the Gauteng regional series, and have no injuries.

MX SA: Do you have a facebook page or twitter that people can follow whilst you racing overseas?
Yes, My website is and I am on twitter @MarcusPhelpsMX.

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