28 May 2013

Dean Hoffman Racing

Published with Permission.

The team as a collective, once again displayed tremendous determination and delivered the results at round 4 of the CTMX (WC) race held at Zone 7. The boys are really making significant progress as we approach the halfway mark in the season. Their fitness are now at the level that I am comfortable with, which has allowed me to work on a few technical aspects with the younger Sangster and Klaassen in particular.

Ike Klaassen did not race in the 50cc pro class, as he remains unchallenged there, but mixed it with the 65cc’s instead. Ethan Coleman earned the hole shot in heat 1 and defended his lead until his clutch lever jammed in lap 2. Ike, sensed that something was wrong and capitalised on the opportunity. Racing was close nevertheless as Coleman was never going to give up his position. Coleman did run the fastest lap time, but Ike cleverly protected the racing lines, something we have been working on. In heat 2, Ike put the hammer down, got the hole shot and again dominated the racing lines. Coleman dropped the bike in lap 3 which gave Ike a comfortable win.

In the 85cc small wheel, young Justin Sangster (10),on his Kawasaki 85cc, displayed such maturity in the class which was combined with the 15 year old pro-mini boys. Most of these bikes have 105cc kits fitted. In heat 1, Justin came through in second place behind Brad Sullivan and took the lead in lap 2. Jason Du Toit, on his KTM was not able catch Sangster who systematically, pulled away. Sangster won the first heat. While on the line for the second heat, the fuel pipe broke. Justin mounted his spare bike which had just been fitted with a racing clutch, new sprockets and piston. The bike had a different feel but he was nevertheless able to get a second in the small wheel class. Justin again earned the fastest lap in the small wheel class and only ran 3 seconds behind 15 year old Brad Sullivan on a 105cc.

Dylan Stokes and Matt van Galen stamped their dominance on the 125cc high school class by earning 1st and 2nd respectively. This time round it was Matt who earned the fastest lap time and things might have been different if he had earned the hole hot. Stokes is still nursing his injury and was arguably not really on top of his game. Our boys displayed tremendous team spirit and pulled a huge lead on the rest of the field. Some prominent riders were in the line up including Calvin Wiltshire, Connor Fletcher and Alistair Cordiner. We will be working very hard in the next two weeks as Dylan remains a contender for the National title.


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