8 July 2013

by Michelle Smith

"Sometimes an athlete wakes up on the rite side of bed & is unbeatable in his specific discipline or sport. Yesterday, the 6th of July was one of those days for Sacha, as he successfully took the overall wins in both the MX1 & MX2 classes at the Syringa National... The second MX 1 heat was an epic display of speed & determination . Having suffered from a very weak start, Sacha was relegated to the back field & had a mammoth task in catching the very fast Ktm upfront whom in the interim had built a massive lead. Sacha worked his way through the field, posted a new lap record, narrowed the gap, made the final pass & took the win like an "adult would take candy from a baby." What can I say, when it's your day, it's your day."
- Shane Naude (Sacha's dad) on Sacha's great weekend at the MSA National.

Sacha has been racing motocross for 20 years, since he was 4 years old. He raced in South Africa up until the age of 16 where he left for Europe and competed there in various nationals until he was 19. He has been racing back in SA for the last five years. His notable achievements include competing in the World Mini's in Las Vegas on a 65cc where he came second in the standard and modified classes.
Sacha looks up to the likes of Stefan Everts, Ryan Villopoto and Tiger Woods.

MX SA: For the last three years at the National Championships for MX1 you have found yourself so close to the top step of the podium. What do you have planned to get you there?
I plan to be more consistent and maybe get a little faster.

MX SA: This year at the Teza National in the second MX1 heat everyone was watching the big battle between Richie and Kerim and I think it took people a while to realize what had happened when you passed all the way to first in what seemed like only a few corners. Is this the Sacha Naude we can expect to see more often?
I definitely hope so as I strive for continuous improvement.

MX SA: You always seem to be the guy sitting quietly in the corner but on track you’re aggressive and confident. What is your mental process before a race?
I just try to stay relaxed and focused on my riding.

MX SA: What does an average week of training look like for you ahead of a National?
I try to ride 2-3 times a week and do a bit of strengthen training.

MX SA: What are your goals for the next few years?
I would like to keep improving and help Jason Visser to get to a very high level of racing.

MX SA: You are a big fan of Honda, tell us what you like about the bikes so much?
I find the Honda to be a very reliable bike and I really enjoy the suspension and how well it handles.

MX SA: You clearly prefer the power of the 450 but can we expect to see you make a more serious push in MX2 as well?
If I can get my fitness allot better, I will race Mx2 more often.

MX SA: Tell us more about your sponsors?
My main sponsors are CIT motorcycles, Alpinestars, Pirtek and Game Services .

MX SA: Tell us about the young rider Jason Visser that you have taken under your wing?
Jason is a talented rider who started his racing career in 2010. He is extremely relaxed and humble individual, yet on the track he is aggressive and really fast.

MX SA: He has secured his first National championship under Womza, do you think this is just the start for him?
Yes, he is very talented, puts in a lot of effort into his riding and has a very good riding technique. I believe if he keeps doing what he is doing he will go very far in MX.

MX SA: With a renewed sense of excitement around Motocross in 2013, what would you like to see for the future of MX in SA?
I would like to see more races and a lot more coverage for our great sport. Most of all, it would be awesome to see Honda South Africa putting their weight behind motocross and sponsor top riders in all classes.

For pictures from the event contact:
SLN-PHOTOGRAPHY - 082 560 0519 .

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