30 July 2013

by Laren van der Westhuizen

125 High School

This race report is going to be a little different. The race results in the results column speak for themselves, but I want to highlight a few aspects of the race day and a few riders that stood out.
Regional MX was a welcome return to Syringa Spa, which is one of the oldest and most iconic MX circuits in South Africa. It has been many years since senior mx bikes charged around Syringa for a regional title, it has only been juniors over the last few years. 140 bikes rocked up to what is now a radically modified version of the old track, but does still have “mineshaft hill” albeit with jumps now.
Syringa is set in a way that just promotes a great atmosphere and even though the winter cold has all but killed the grass, the spectator area is a great place to hang out and watch MX.
Jannie has worked hard on the track and was prepped to the best I have seen it ever. The riders appreciated it by putting on a great show. Racing in all classes was great. The stand out rider on the day was Sacha Naude. He has really peaked right now and is riding, I believe better than anyone at the moment. He rode the tight and twisty track as if he was on rails. He not only tamed the track in both MX1 and MX2, he tamed some rather stiff competition in Richard VD Westhuizen, who looked a little rusty after taking a month off the bike. Richard will start to train hard now for the North South challenge which he will be representing Gauteng in the MX2 class. With Sacha on such great form, Gauteng can expect a great result in the MX1 class, which Sacha will be racing. It was great to see Jesse Wright back from the USA. He borrowed a KX450F from 2nd gear and whilst looking a little small for the beast, he still rode to a solid 3rd.

MX1 & MX2 #54 Sacha Naude

Sacha won the MX2 class as well, but there were 2 noticeable great performances. One being Nicholas Phelps, who finished 4th in heat 1 in the MX2 class. Nicholas went out and won the 125 class to end off his best day in the saddle ever. Danny Lailvaux was another top performer, as he lead heat 2 for a while and managed to hold off some big names to finish in 3rd.
The Pro-mini class was great to watch. Marcus Phelps freshly back from Europe, got out there and won heat 1 from a hard charging Marco DeVrye. Justin Thompson had some bad luck all day and was out of the picture. In heat 2, Marco DeVrye holeshotted and didn’t look back. Marcus Phelps battled with Josh Mlimi for a while and then got through. He chased down Marco, but to no avail and had to settle for 2nd.
The 65cc class has been a real battle this year, for 2nd that is. Dalton Venter cleared out for the win, but a real mix and match of results saw the youngsters coming through, like Camden McLellan and Josh Mlimi. Christiaan Cilliers was fast, but heat 1 was a disaster as a big crash left him with some loose teeth.
The 50cc class was good to watch. Camden McLellan was very fast, but when the last lap board got shown twice, he and many other riders pulled off thinking the race was over. He lost many positions and learnt the hard lesson to race till the chequered flag. It was good to see the improvement in Ethan Segal and another noticeable performance came from Nathan Bester.
Mathew Kruger got junior rider of the day for winning the 85cc class. He has been working hard and it paid off. This is just a week after a big crash at the same venue that left him concussed. I just have to mention that Aiden McGuire was really fast and was his best performance to date.
There were many great things about the day, including great catering, albeit a little slow, it was worth the wait. The riders had fun and ended off with the announcement and presentation of the Gauteng team.
We look forward to the FIM Africa event there at the end of August.

#4 Matthew Kruger

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