13 August 2013

by Mark Sangster

This is an extraordinary report since this was an extraordinary event !!

On Thursday late afternoon I arrived to do documentation and was greeted by three of the friendliest and happiest ladies. They welcomed us and said how glad they were that we had arrived safely. We then enjoyed a quick drink under the new 160 meter-square roof and to the newly paved area. Something told me that we were in for a cracker of an event.

On Friday at 06h30 when we arrived there was a queue of vehicles almost 300m long waiting to filter into the limited pit area. Somehow the 250 bikes fitted into the sections that had been allocated to the provinces – no hooting and no squabbles. In spite of it being -1 degree, the atmosphere was electric and riders and mechanics huddled around the bon fire drinking plenty of hot chocolate.

Then proceedings got under way. Practice went off smoothly and the track soon became rough. The second practice followed a new format where, after 5 minutes of free practice, a large T was displayed to indicate that timing and qualification had now commenced. One could almost hear the roar of the engines as the competitive spirit came alive.


This took us up to lunch time when all the teams assembled on the start straight for a march past. A sea of colour, a mass of riders and with a bit of healthy chirp, it was clear that racing was going to be intense. Commentating then commenced and with a bit of music in the background, the ‘GEES’ was there.


Well, we were treated to absolutely brilliant racing in ALL the classes. The overall class results can be viewed on the Pro Timing web site. The most impressive class was the 65cc with 31 on the line – boy was I apprehensive, as these kids had never ridden in races with such numbers. They all managed to get through the first corner OK and hats off to all of them for giving their best.

Thanks to the ladies for venturing out – some real talent there. I just know that many more are going to come out of the woodwork. You ladies have broken ground by your boldness – from here on it will only get bigger and better.
This event afforded the regional and club riders a platform to pit their skills against the experienced national campaigners. The entire build up of the event, along with the race shits / bibs and the many supporters, has ensured that MX has a bright and exciting future in South Africa.

The MX 1 and 2 classes were brilliant, but what enthused me the most was to see how the teams came out to trackside to cheer and encourage their team riders. Flags were being waved and vuvuzelas blown, which just added that special touch.

Prize giving was fantastic and yes, the SOUTH won the day. Northern regions, you guys put up a brilliant fight and came so close. Well done to Gauteng on winning the Inter-provincial by a good margin.
These were the final points for the two competitions:

Northern Regions – 2143
Western Cape – 1565
Eastern Cape – 1410
Free State -1115
KZN - 471

North Vs South
South – 894
North - 800

This was a joint venture between BORC, Cape Town and WOMZA – some new and exciting initiatives have already been suggested for next year. No doubt we will return to Bloemfontein again in 2014. Thanks to Anton, Choppie and the BORC team, Monster Energy, all the other sponsors and to YOU the riders, for making this the event of the decade.

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