CTMX Report: Cape Coastal Challenge Rd 1
04 February 2014

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Submitted by CTMX

Cape Town Motocross Club

The Cape Town Motocross Club CTMX was well represented at round 1 of the Cape Coastal Challenge and when racing got underway there were brilliant challenges in all the classes. It was great to see the team spirit and support. What was also very encouraging, was the contingent of East London riders on the line. The day started off perfectly, but little did we know that we would need to evacuate with haste, soon after lunch, due to a massive fire that engulfed the bush surrounding Rover. Flames, as high as 8m, were thrown into the air just metres from the club house and the smoke was thick.

In the 50cc junior class it was Liam Botha (East London) who took the win in both heats followed by Liam Lambert (CTMX) and Keegan Hanekom (EL), in third. There was lots of excitement in heat 1 with the two ‘Liams’ battling it out in the thick sand.

Liam “die leeu” Lambert getting some air.

In the 50cc Pro Senior class it was Zach “Attack” Newby (PE) who really dominated proceedings. An interesting omission to the race was A.J. Fourie who is out due to a broken arm. He should be fine by the first national and he runs lap times well below 1min 20 seconds, so will be one to watch. Zach was almost 3 seconds faster than the new East London sensation Chase Hanekom who came second in both heats. Four seconds off the pace was John Henri Vaughan (CTMX) who came in third. It is clear that Zach is comfortable in the sand and this will make him a sure contender for the National title this year. The rest of the field was well off the pace.

In the 65cc class Ethan Coleman (CTMX) was on top of the box and is looking formidable in the thick sand. He was smooth and clearly in full control of his machine. Ethan will surely be a contender in three weeks time at the first national. In second place was Titus Iversen (EL) and third was Liam Liston (PE). The thick sand of Rover took its toll as these little chaps battled through the top sand section. This will be a real test of fitness for the hard pack riders.

Ethan Coleman dominated the 65cc class in the sand at the Rover track on 1 February

In the 85cc class it was Justin Sangster (CTMX) who won the day. Justin got the holeshot but Grant Hutton (PE) was not going to let it go. These chaps went bar to bar in heat 1. Both riders dropped their bikes – Hutton in lap 1 and Sangster in the last lap. The fall nullified Justin’s lead as Grant was able to catch right up. It was then a sprint to the line and with slower riders in the mix, it was a close finish. Justin took the flag a split second ahead of Grant. Ross Newby (PE) came in third. These boys are really riding well and have once again demonstrated their ability to race in the thick sand. Both boys will need to work on their consistency as they cannot afford to drop the bike.

In the Pro mini / 125cc class it was Seth van den Abeele who impressed with his display of skill and aggression. Chad Homan (CTMX) started off strong but dropped off the pace and will have to work hard on his fitness in the next few weeks. Seth was determined to upset the 125cc riders, but this was not to be. In the 125cc class it was young Matt van Galen (CTMX) who beat Conor Fletcher (CTMX) into second place. Another CTMX rider, James Coetzer came in third. James has improved hugely and will also do all the nationals this year. Great sportsman ship was displayed by our CTMX riders.

Conor Fletcher earned a worthy second place on 1 February

In the MX 1 & 2 class it was Tristan Purdon who got the top slot – Andrew Wren was up front until his boot somehow got stuck to the frame. Marc Baxter ran a close second with Andrew in third. Kevin Cassie (CTMX) was only able to fetch fourth place, but is looking so smooth on the four stroke machine.

Tristan Purdon on his way to winning the MX 2 class at round 1 of the Cape Coastal Challenge.

Round 2 of the Cape Coastal challenge will take place on the 5th April down in Cape Town at the Melkbos track.

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