CTMX prepares to launch new 'streaming' initiative.
09 February 2014

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Cape Town Motocross Club

The Cape Town Motocross Club (CTMX) ran a successful club Time Trial at the sandy Melkbos circuit on Saturday 8 February. About 40 members came out to take a ‘dip stick’ of where they are ahead of the very popular Cape Town National. The reasoning behind the streaming initiative, which has been successfully tested by Bloemfontein and Port Elizabeth, is to group riders in terms of their time, as opposed to their conventional class.
The club made use of transponders to accurately record times, and this also afforded club members an opportunity to gauge exactly where they were in terms of their preparation for the 2014 season. There was no racing and no winners, but the start gates were used and the motos ranged between 12 and 15 minutes.
The track direction has changed – 50cc, 65 / 85cc, as well as the senior track. The club hoped to exclude the very sandy section, but the times run revealed that the ‘beach section’ will need to be part of it, as it is 200m short.
The flow of the 50cc track is great and our boys are going to have to spend LOTS of time there if they wish to shine at the national in April. Having said that, 6 year old Liam “the Leeu” Lambert was only 1.5 seconds off the pace of 8 year old John Henri Vaughan. Liam has come from nowhere and is sure to be a contender in this year’s 50cc junior class.

Ike Klaassen getting to grips with the sand at Melkbos

In the 65cc/ 85cc class there were no surprises – Justin Sangster appears to have come to grips with the long jumps and clocked a respectable 2min 02 seconds around the circuit. Both Ike Klaassen and Ethan Coleman ran very decent times, but will need to work on a few technical sections. Both boys are showing great resolve and determination this year. Calum Marriott was 4 seconds off their pace and rumour has it that he will be moving onto an 85cc this year and will skip the 65cc class. Little Puck Klaassen was so brave to take on the thick sand on her 85cc.
The club has some amazing emerging talent in the 125cc class – Darryn Jones was the fastest on Saturday, closely followed by Luke Du Toit and Bradley Sullivan. James Coetzer has made remarkable progress and will also be in the mix at Rover in three weeks time.
We moved the guys around in the senior streams after the first Time Trial, with Kevin Cassie, Alec Combrink and Kevin Sangster, all running fairly good times. The stream 2 riders had an awesome day out with James Van Hinsbergen, Byrone Billings, Corne Bothma, Andrew Scott and Divan Bezuidenhout tagging onto each other.

Samantha Peed was one of the ladies who took part in the CTMX Time Trail

Coach Dean Hoffman and one or two trainers watched very closely and used the opportunity to assess their teams / riders.
The club will host their first race at MELKBOS on 22 February - race Regs will be out in the next few days but on-line entries have already opened.
CTMX Committee

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