Interview: Marcus Phelps
10 February 2014

Published with Permission
Submitted by Laren van der Westhuizen.

MX SA: Tell us how the UK winter is?
The winter in the UK is terrible, it rains every day and this means we cannot practice through the week because the tracks are closed because they are too wet to ride.

MX SA: How big is the UK arenacross?
The Arenacross track is the same size as the Supercross track at Smoking Pistons in Johannesburg, with big jumps with a small run-up.

MX SA: How have your results been so far?
The first two rounds were not that great but then I put my head down and won rounds 3 and 4, so I am confident I can keep my winning streak.

MX SA: Did it take you some time to get used to the Arenacross setup?
Yes, that’s why the first two rounds were terrible for me, as all the competitors i’m riding against have riden the series before.

MX SA: You are only 7 points behind the leader. Do you think you can win the series?
I am actually the joint leader as you can throw your worst two results away.

MX SA: How tough has the competition been?
The competition is tough, they are competent at winning so I must pull the holeshot and ride smoothly, because the surface is slippery.

MX SA: It has been good having the whole family there, but do you think you can manage when dad leaves?
It will be ok because my father will be coming back every 3 weeks for the major race meetings.

MX SA: How is your brother Nic coping?
Nicholas is competing in the Rookie class, that class is crazy and the riders are even more crazy, Nicholas’s best result up to now was a 6th in Belfast.

MX SA: More importantly, how is your mother coping?
My mum says the weather is horrible and is looking forward to the summer, she has made friends at the track because all the people are friendly.

MX SA: What is your next race after the Arenacross series?
After the Areana cross I have entered into three National series, The RHL Series, The E22 Series, and the MX Nationals Series, so it's 16 National size events. We will also be travelling to Europe mainland to participate in a few ADAC events later through the year,

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