Race Report: CTMX Round 1 at Melkbos
24 February 2014

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Submitted by CTMX

Cape Town Motocross Club

Perfect weather, an almost perfect track and a perfect family atmosphere set the scene for a perfect day at the track. The day started with a word of welcome from our new chairlady, Elmare Herring, and thereafter the CoC took control. The club, for the first time, ran their senior ‘streaming’ initiative and by all accounts, was enjoyed by the riders.
In the 50cc junior class, 6 year old Liam Lambert, stamped his authority on the other participants and won both heats. Second place went to Neil van der Vyver, who is back after his broken arm and boy is he displaying courage. It was, however, little Reinier van Der Merwe who won the hearts of the spectators. Liam will be up in Rover next week to start his campaign to challenge for the junior title. Watch this space !!
In the 50cc Pro senior class there were no surprises with John Henri Vaughan winning all three heats. Some way behind was Hennie Roux. Hennie got the holeshot in heat 2, but appeared a little shaky in the loose sand, which allowed Vaughan to slip through after a few corners. Third place went to Kyle Bremer who is also looking very comfortable this year. Xander De Bruin has improved so much and is almost ready to take his KX 65 into the ‘big league’.

Lucien Bremer found supporting older brother Kyle and Dad at the race rather exhausting.

In the 65cc class Ethan Coleman ended on top of the box with Calum Marriott second and Josh De Hutton in third. Marriott won the first heat after both Coleman and Ike Klaassen put their bikes down. In heat 2, Marriott was out in front again but this time Coleman was able to reel him in and pass him in the penultimate lap. Klaassen took a tumble and did not complete the heat. Coleman and Klaassen are both looking good but will be under immense pressure in PE next weekend. They have certainly mastered the sand.
The 85cc junior class was won by Chris Erasmus who rode a really solid race. In heat 1, the young lady, Puck Klaassen, known as “blond bomber”, challenged him right to the line with only 1 second separating the two. In heat 2 Erasmus realised that he needed to up his game and surely did – he won heat 2 and this time it was Max Ledgerwood who got second. He is running very respectable times and not too far behind Puck and Erasmus. Puck got third overall.
In the Pro mini class, Chad Homan checked out and was unchallenged in the initial 3 or so laps. Young Justin Sangster on his small wheel KX then started a charge of note and came back very strong in the latter half of the race, but was never going to catch Homan. Jason Du Toit came in third. In Heat 2 Homan had to retire due to bike failure which handed Sangster the win for the day. Du Toit therefore got second and Homan third – overall. Newcomer, Brett Roberts put up a brave challenge and is improving race by race.
In the exciting field of ten 125cc class Matt van Galen dominated proceedings and won both heats comfortably. His training partner, Conor Fletcher also looked very comfortable in the sand and these two are going to give their all at the national next week. In third place was Luke Du Toit (also looking good), closely followed by an ‘in form’ Bradley Sullivan. All these boys will be in PE and we will be there to give them our FULL support.

Bo-Dene Scott – mixed it with the boys in the 125cc but took a big tumble in her first heat

Senior stream 2 was won by Byrone Billings. In second place it was Haydon ‘Hyper man’ Wood who showed the younger boys a thing or two and James van Hinsbergen took the remaining spot on the box. These guys had such fun and the streaming system allowed for good competition within the group.

Haydon ‘Hyper-man’ Wood earned second place in stream 2 at Melkbos on Saturday 24 February

In senior stream 1, Anthony Raynard won both heats comfortably and was determined to lap the field in heat 2. This he accomplished just metres before the finish line. Dylan Stokes was the unfortunate final victim and was powerless as he watched Raynard fly past. Our prediction is that Anthony will win the MX 1 national class this year. In third spot was Jan Ryan who is such an accomplished rider – if he can just work on his fitness – he can do really well. Other solid riders in this class were Kevin Cassie, Alex Combrink, Terence Monk and Kevin Sangster.

Good luck to all our national contenders - we will be there to support you.

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