Interview: Brittany Cuthbert
3 March 2014

Published with Permission
by Michelle Smith.

MX SA: 2014 is a very exciting year for you with the news that you will be racing the Red Bull Nationals in the UK. Tell us how this came about?
After the success of last yea r- winning the FIM Africa and the North vs South shoutout in Bloem, as well as being the only lady to compete in the MSA and WOMZA National series, the next step for me is to start racing internationally. My ultimate goal is to race the WIM GP Series but before I jump into the deep end, a year in England is the ideal thing for me right now, to get use to big races with full classes, on different, rough tracks. The Red Bull National series is a fun series with a great atmosphere and even a race on the beach.

MX SA: Did this seem like the logical next step after what you have achieved in S.A and winning the FIM Africa in 2013?
Yes, this is the logical next step and a stepping stone to my ultimate goal. By taking this step, I will have a year to work on my speed and skill and be more prepared to hang it out with all the fastest ladies.

MX SA: Tell us about where you will be staying?
My brother Tristan and myself are staying at Wheeldon Farm. It's a great facility with everything we need on the farm for training- an indoor arena for days when it's too wet to ride outside, an outdoor track, indoor swimming pool, gym and workshop with wash bays. There are also a few other tracks in the area that we are close to. The owners of the farm also have 2 sons who race, so they know the ins and outs of the UK racing scene, which will help us a lot in our first year.

MX SA: You’ve have already picked up some great sponsors, tell us about them?
Fuchs Silkolene have come on board and they are such an awesome brand and are also based in the UK. Our bikes will be in great working order. P&H motorcycles are also helping us out and have been a great help so far. We also would definitely not be able to do this without the help of my parents and as every motocross family knows, a lot of sacrifice is put into racing.

MX SA: Will you remain on KTM?
Yes, for sure! I feel so comfortable on a KTM.

MX SA: What class will you be racing in?
I'm racing in the Rookie class in the Red Bull series, which is not a ladies class and I'm not even sure if there are any ladies racing as they don't have a ladies class. For all of the local club races I'll race an equivalent to an MX2 here. We have 5 rounds in the Red Bull series and then every other weekend we'll do a local race. I've planned for a total of 31 races while I'm there.

MX SA: You are fortunate to be making this move with your brother, will this make the move easier even though the rest of the family is staying behind?
Being with my brother will definitely be a help, I'll have someone to train and ride with and we both have a passion for motocross and racing, which makes us really close and we get along really well. It will be hard to leave the rest of my family behind but they are extremely supportive and behind us all the way. I might have to hold a few tears back at the airport haha!

MX SA: What is your goal with racing overseas?
My goal is to have fun, learn and better myself. This year is a learning year and just by planning this trip I've already learnt a lot. I'm sure when we get there it will be a culture shock and it will be different to here. I just want to race the best I can and always improve. Europe is on the cards for next year and race the complete WIM GP Series.

MX SA: Do you think the major difference in weather is going to be a factor for you?
I'm not sure and I can only imagine what it will be like while I'm here but I am a fan of cooler weather as it's easier for training and riding. The mud factor will take getting use to but it's all part of the sport and if you're a good mud or sand rider it's always an advantage.

MX SA: Why did you end up going to the UK and not Europe?
The UK is a stepping stone for the first year and Europe is the goal for 2015.

MX SA: Will you be entering any WMX GP’s?
The plan now is to watch the 3rd GP which is Valkenswaard and then do the 4th or 5th round, depending on how ready I am. I would like to do a round with the ladies after being in the UK for a few weeks, to see my pace and where I'm at.

MX SA: Where can people follow your progress?
People can follow my happenings on Twitter- @_babyangel71 or Facebook- Brittany Cuthbert or Instagram- brittcuthbert. I'm also setting up a website for myself which will be up and running shorty-

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