Tanoshi Racing Team Post National Report
29 April 2014

Published with Permission
Submitted by Tanoshi Racing Team

This past weekend saw the Cape Town leg of the Monster Energy MX Nationals held at the Melkbos track. The weather was hot but the racing even hotter!! CTMX did host a great event and hats off to Elmarie and her team for getting everything running smoothly on race day. The track was prepped to perfection and you could see that Hendrik did make a huge effort spraying generous amounts of water down leading up to this mammoth event. During the weekend we saw various Tanoshi team members competing against the best in South Africa and this is how it all unfolded.

Liam Lambert with his red plate that Richard van der Westhuizen presented to him on Saturday Morning

50cc Jnr Liam Lambert #300 and Renier van der Merwe #222 represented the team here. We all had high expectations for young Liam as he was the current national point’s leader in this class. Liam managed to finish 3rd overall for the weekend and will take this result to TEZA where he hopefully can improve to regain the lead in the championship. Renier is the youngest competitor in the field at the age of only 5, and every time this boy rides his dirt bike you can see the determination to succeed in his eyes. He is always a crowd pleaser and his riding style is great! He finished a well deserved 4th place overall.

50cc Pro This was a fiercely contested class with 18 riders filling up the gates at the start. Krige van der Merwe #11 qualified in 16th place and needed to improve. He did so by securing a 12th place in the first heat 14th in the second and another 14th in the third heat. This left him with 14th place overall for the weekend. Krige is an outstanding off road rider and is showing everyone that he can mix it up in MX as well.

Stylin Sebs

65cc Another packed starting gate with 16 riders. Sebastian Wood #111 riding his first year in this class after almost taking our regional 50cc pro title in 2013 qualified 13th. The beach section was like a war zone with riders being picked up left, right and centre, but these little ones kept soldiering on!! The small wheels of the 65cc bikes makes is difficult for the riders to ride thick sand, but Sebastian finished 14th, 12th and 15th in the 3 heats to finish 14th overall. Great ride Sebs, and kudos for sticking it out in the sand.

Chris Erasmus racing for the first corner

85cc Chris Erasmus #95 qualified 13th for the weekends racing. We all hoped that he will get a good start in all the heats as he whole shots almost every regional race held at Melkbos. Chris finished 13th in heat 1, but had a terrible crash in heat 2 that ruled him out for the rest of the days racing. He was concussed and had a fractured elbow but nothing serious and will be back fighting soon. We wish Chris a speedy recovery!! Max Legerwood #17 is mixing it up with the big boys. He is only 10 years old and already starting to ride the wheels off his 85cc Kawasaki. Max qualified 15th and finished 16th in heat 1. He unfortunately did not compete in the rest of the Nationals because of personal reasons and wish the Ledgerwood family well.

Dylan Stokes going flat out

MX2 What can I say about this class, WOW. The riders are fast and furious and made for some great racing all-round. Dylan Stokes qualified in 12th place just behind Zane Farqharson. The first heat did not go so well for Dylan as he had a huge tumble that resulted in his sub frame being bent and his Pro Circuit pipe being damaged. Mechanic Cecil Penny soon came to his aid and fixed the bike so he can challenge again in the next two heats. A true warrior that Dylan is, he still continued to carry on and finished 11th in heat 2. In heat 3 he repeated this performance and secured a 13th place overall. Next time push for the top 10 Dylan!!
It was good to see the great racing at Melkbos and hopefully we can do it again next year.

Thanks to all the riders, organizers, sponsors and everyone who got involved to host a successful National.

The Tanoshi Team will be represented in TEZA so see you all there!!

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