Behind the Scenes with Racestar Graffix
9 June 2014

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Most people may recognise the name Racestar Graffix by the awesome pictures floating around on social media of the work they do and for those that pay attention, by the tons of mini ‘RSG’s’ found on sticker kits all over the country and yes, overseas as well. What many people don’t know is who is behind this awesome company, what they actually have to offer and what we can expect from them in the future. MX SA spent some time at their offices to give people a behind the scenes look into RSG.

If you have spent any time on their web site you will know that this Proudly South African company is owned by Richard and David van der Westhuizen. What many people don’t know is that just about the whole team behind RSG are all accomplished racers. When you think about what you would like in terms of a sticker kit for your bike, who better to be looking after you then a whole team of riders that know exactly what you need. They have spent time and money exploring and experimenting with the very best options to make sure that they provide you with quality service, excellent design and top quality products. More often then not, they understand your needs better then you do because they have been in your boots.

There were many that didn’t believe it would work when the boys started the company in their garage in 2008, less then six years later and they have an office in Honeydew and dedicated team. If you ever get the chance, pop into their offices and say 'hi' to the guys. You will always find bikes waiting to be stickered and you will likely end up chatting to the guys while they are busy applying some kits. It is definitely guaranteed that you will receive a warm welcome and a team ready to assist you.

Meet the team!

RichardDesigner, Boss-Man, Jack of all trades.
Richard is a twelve time National MX Champion and when it comes to what their company offers customers, he is their biggest critic. It is this discipline that ensures that everything that they produce is of the best standard.

DavidDesigner, Boss-Man, Print Jockey, Jack of all trades.
David has worked with his brother since day one. They both share the duties of running RSG and the brothers obviously make an excellent team. David is also tasked with ensuring that the printing meets the necessary standards that they have set and that things run smoothly with the machines.

GrantHead Designer, Freelancer, Rep
Grant is a good friend of the brothers and has been involved since 2010. All the work he does runs through RSG and he can often be found visiting customers and updating them on what RSG has to offer. Grant is an integral part of the team and is involved in the RSG decision making process as well.

EvansPackager, Template Maker
Evans has known the boys for a long time and also in 2010, the boys gave him a position at RSG. He is very skilled at helping the team make the necessary templates and he ensures that all the kits are packaged to standard before being sent off.

Wesley is the newest member of RSG, starting in August 2013. He is now their top designer and creates items from start to finish for the clients as well.

All of the guys will tell you that they love the creative process. Giving new life to an old or a new bike through a fresh sticker kit or creating a unique helmet wrap that looks awesome, is what they love the most and for anyone interested to know… they all take turns to do the dishes hehe

What they offer!
Most people know RSG as a bike decal company. Whilst they do offer the obvious custom, semi-custom and pretty much any kind of sticker kit you can dream up, they offer a whole list of other services as well. They have become a one stop shop for bike plastics, helmet wraps, seat covers, pit boards and pretty much anything else that you need a custom sticker for.
The also offer custom race jerseys or if you just need your name and number on your race jersey, they can help you out with that as well. If you need any other branded products like Gazebo’s etc, you can get that at RSG.
Further to that, if you ask for something they don’t traditionally do, they will always try and make a plan to help you out.

When we asked RSG about what they have in store for the future, they promised that they will always be involved in Motocross in any way possible and hinted, under a massive cloud of secrecy, that there are big things to come.

If you want to get in contact with RSG or stay in touch with what they are up to then be sure to check out the following links.

Social Media
Facebook: Racestar Graffix
Instagram: racestar_graffix
Twitter: @RacestarGraffix
Web Site:

Contact Details:
Address: Unit 7, 91 Boundary Road, Honeydew, Zandspruit.
Richie: 072 545 1471 -
Davey: 083 256 3328 -
Grant: 083 443 0153 -

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