5 Minutes with Calvin Vlaanderen.
17 October 2014

Published with Permission
by Laren van der Westhuizen.

Calvin, you have had a great year in Europe and the results are really flowing now.
1) What has made the difference in 2014?

There has been no difference to the other years. I think that is why it's working. I work harder and harder ever year and it's starting to pay off. It was my first year on the 250 and I felt really good on the bike. There were also a lot of people around me who didn't believe in me and who didn't want me to get good results. In motocross you always get people like that, people that are jealous. I worked hard to prove all of those people wrong! The people in my circle really helped me, they always pushed me through the tough times and they always were there when I needed them! I want to thank all of them!

2) What have been some of the highlights of 2014?
There were a few main highlights of 2014, all together it was a very successful year with both ups and downs.
Racing my first GP in Teautschenthal was really awesome. My goal was just to score a point or two and I managed to score 8 points after the weekend so I was really happy with my ride.
Winning my first European race in Lommel and being on the podium there was awesome! I've been working hard in Europe for 3 years now for a win in a European championship and getting that win was really emotional for me. Especially in Lommel, the deepest sand track of the world, I hate that track! But after that weekend, I love it.
My second GP in Loket was a big eye opener for me and a lot of people in the paddock. It was really awesome to have my dad fly out to watch me race in a GP, I left home early January and haven't seen any of my family since then so it was really nice to have my dad there to support me! It started off really good with having the 5th time in time practice, I was faster than some of the people I've looked up to for a long time so that was huge for me. A little bit of bad luck that weekend had me from scoring a good result. The guys are a lot more aggressive in the class, I got taken out in the qualifying race and came back to 19th. I finished 13th in the first heat and 18th in the second heat with being taken out on the first lap.
There were a lot more highlights but those 3 stand out the most for me

3) Based on your 2014 results, do you think a world championship is still reachable?
Definitely, it has been my goal as far back as I can remember when I started riding at 4 and that will not change! I will keep working hard and fighting for that. I'm confident that in the future I will be holding the gold plate in my hands.

4) What are the plans for 2015?
I am really excited for 2015, I have signed with HSF Logistics to race the complete MX2 season. I will be racing the full 18 rounds which includes all the overseas races. It's a very big step for me but I feel I am more than ready. I have showed my speed in 2014 and can't wait to show everyone what I am capable to do.

5) Will we see you ride any races in SA while you back?
You'll definitely see me at the track doing my motos but I don't think I will do any races when I'm back in SA.

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