Race Report: The Diamonds and Dirt Amateur Ladies Fun Race - Round 4
16 November 2014

Published with Permission
by Michelle Smith
Photos by Carien Bresler

Sunday the 9th November saw the final round of the 2014 Diamonds & Dirt Amateur Ladies Fun Race Series take place at Syringa X Park. The ladies had such a great time at Syringa for Round three that we opted to return, with some changes of course and thanks to Jannie and his team the ladies had an incredible time once again.

The ladies were in for a surprise assuming they would ride the same loop as in round three. Technically they did, but it was completely reversed with a few new surprises. Once again all the ladies raced together but scored in their relevant classes and the beginners were given some alternate route options compared to the more experienced ladies in intermediate and advanced.
The level of riding amongst the beginners has just been amazing. Their progression from race to race has been incredible and they surprised even themselves. It was a massively contested race between the season leader Jenine Klette and recent newcomer to the enduro riding, Leyah Bresler. For the entire race, these two ladies were right behind one another. It was young Leyah who took the win with Jenine in a very close second and ………. In third.
The intermediate group has become quite an intense battle. It was newcomer Julette Fourie that stole the show. Unsure at the beginning of the day of what to expect and what she would be capable of, she proved her ability and took first place for the day Belinda de Villiers took second and Ilne Marx took third.
In the advanced group, it was Natasha Rugani who took the win and Adel Pieroni took second.

Enduro Beginners
1. Leyah Bresler 25
2. Jenine Klette 22
3. Tania van der Walt 20
4. Juliana van Niekerk 19
5. Benica Phillips 18
6. Juanita Cappilati 17
7. Amore Hichens 16

Enduro Intermediate
1. Julette Fourie 25
2. Belinda de Villiers 22
3. Ilne Marx 20
4. Corinna Botha 19
5. Dominique Tursini 18

Enduro Advanced
1. Natasha Rugani 25
2. Adel Pieroni 22

We continued the trend from round three where all the ladies raced together. After practice, it was clear that we were in for some upsets.
Beginner MX
The intense battle was between Juliana van Niekerk and Leyah Bresler. These two had battled it out in the last round and it was clear they intended to do the same thing. It was Leyah who took the win in the first heat, but bike problems saw her unfortunately fall all the way back to last in the second heat. It was Juliana’s consistency that paid off and she took first overall. Julette Fourie wrapped up an excellent day with second and Leyah Bresler took third.

In the Intermediate MX we were in for some exciting racing. All of the ladies pushed hard and given another lap or two, things could have ended up very different. Belinda de Villiers held on for the win in the second heat and overall first for the day. A solid rider by Kim Opperman saw her take a well earned second overall and Adel Pieroni took third.

The Advance MX class was the biggest surprise of the day. With Natasha Rugani having little to no competition in the last two rounds, it was newcomer Hannah Foster and up and coming MX rider Anais Steenkamp who offered some excellent racing along with Natasha. Anais was out of the gates like a bullet and easily took the overall win for the day. The massive battle was between Natasha and Hannah, but it was young Hannah that edged out Natasha for second overall and Natasha took third for the day.

MX Beginners
1. Juliana van Niekerk 47
2. Julette Fourie 42
3. Leyah Bresler 40
4. Amore Hichens 37
5. Benica Phillips 36
6. Kathryn Martin 35
7. Tania van der Walt 34
8. Yolandi Hichens 33

MX Intermediate
1. Belinda de Villiers 45
2. Kim Opperman 44
3. Adel Pieroni 44
4. Tanya van der Walt 39

MX Advanced
1. Anais Steenkamp 50
2. Hannah Foster 44
3. Natasha Rugani 40

A massive thank you must go out to Enlightened Life, Fox, 32Gi, Rockstar, Jannie Stander, Syringa, Charl van Rooy, Chestnut Hill, Marc Ansley, Rustenburg MX, all the families, friends and helpers that came out to support the ladies. We couldn’t have done it without you.
Thanks to Carien Bresler, Roger Pieroni, Cathlene Roos, Katherine Otty and anyone else that took the time to take photos and make videos and promote the ladies racing.


Enduro Juniors
1. Benica Phillips 17
2. Thandazo Slaghuis 7

Enduro Beginners
1. Jenine Klette 94
2. Juliana van Niekerk 82
3. Amore Hichens 55
4. Tania van der Walt 53
5. Leyah Bresler 42
6. Jessica Taljaard 20
7. Patricia de Moura 19
8. Benica Phillips 18
9. Juanita Cappilati 17
10. Kathryn Martin 16

Enduro Intermediate
1. Corinna Botha 77
2. Ilne Marx 62
3. Belinda de Villiers 60
4. Yolandi Hichens 55
5. Dominique Tursini 54
6. Helen Squirrel-Armstrong 50
7. Tharien Smith 44
8. Katherine Otty 28
9. Julette Fourie 25
10. Laura Schoonhoven 18
11. Shakira Vawda 18
12. Lourette Slaghuis 9
13. Amore Hichens 7

Enduro Advanced
1. Natasha Rugani 100
2. Adel Pieroni 85
3. Margaret Kalis 41
4. Cathlene Roos 40

MX Juniors
1. Emma Jennings 50
2. Gabriella Botha 50
3. Benica Phillips 44

MX Beginners
1. Juliana van Niekerk 188
2. Yolandi Hichens 159
3. Amore Hichens 144
4. Tania van der Walt 108
5. Leyah Bresler 107
6. Christine Fick 80
7. Annelize Boshoff 71
8. Jessica Taljaard 70
9. Kathryn Martin 55
10. Julette Fourie 42
11. Benica Phillips 36
12. Charne Steyn 31
13. Lilian Ackhurst 28
14. Emmerencia Terblanche 26

MX Intermediate
1. Belinda de Villiers 184
2. Tanya van der Walt 175
3. Adel Pieroni 162
4. Kim Opperman 82
5. Dominique Tursini 63
6. Corinna Botha 51
7. Tharien Smith 50
8. Tanya Kioykas 44
9. Helen Squirrel-Armstrong 39
10. Henriette van Eck 37
11. Patricia de Moura 32
12. Cathlene Roos 19

MX Advanced
1. Natasha Rugani 182
2. Anais Steenkamp 50
3. Amy-Leigh Sawyer 50
4. Hannah Foster 44
5. Samantha Erasmus 42

The 2014 season was a massive success. The stepping stones we have put in place will continue to develop female riders and prepare them for bigger things.

Keep your eyes out for news of our plans for 2015!

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