Another excellent outing for the Diamonds & Dirt Ladies!
21 May 2015

Written by Michelle Smith.
Photos by Carien Bresler.
Published with Permission.

Round 2 saw some incredibly exciting racing!

In association with Motorsport South Africa (MSA) and Women in Motorsport (WIM), Syringa played host on 17 May to Round 2 of the Diamonds & Dirt Amateur ladies fun race series. There were 25 ladies in attendance of varying age and skill level.
The beginner ladies were thrown in the deep end with the MX races by being introduced to the senior MX track for the first time. The nerves didn’t hold back the ladies though and the dice off the start was a clear indication of that. It was young Lindie Barnard who raced away with a 1st overall for the day despite slipping out in a corner and losing a few positions. It was a dice to the finish in both races for the next three, Liezel Barnard, Aimee Oneill and Benica Phillips who all finished on 42 points for the day. We have a feeling things are going to get very exciting with this group as the year continues.
In the Beginner enduro, it was newcomer Kayla Raaff that had a solid race and took 1st. She had a heated battle with Lindie Barnard who unfortunately went down and thanks to some assistance from by standers, managed to get the bike started. Tanya van der Walt took second and Benica Phillips took third. It was great to see those girls on bigger bikes and the work they have been doing to develop. Not long and we will see all these ladies in the intermediate class.

Beginner Ladies MX.

In the Intermediate MX, it was young Leyah Bresler that took two wins for a comfortable 1st overall for the day. Angelique Lindeque on the 450 Suzuki, has worked hard since the last event and young Leyah is going to have some serious competition in the coming events. Jennifer Neville took a comfortable third overall for the day.
For Enduro, it was Angelique that set off and didn’t look back. Using the power of the 450 to ensure a victory. Jennifer is another one that got her second podium for the day in a very well earned 2nd place. The speed of this young girl is incredible. Dominique Tursini, who missed round one, raced well and took third in the enduro.

In the Advanced MX the battle out front was incredible. Young Kayla Raaff and Hannah Foster diced from start to finish. Kayla’s race experience paid off and with no mistakes she took the overall for the day. Hannah made a few small mistakes that cost her in the end but we have a feeling she will be back even stronger for the next round. A solid ride from Adel Pieroni saw her take third overall.
Adel was off like a bullet in the enduro and had no trouble in taking first. Cathlene Roos had a great run and took second. A return by Margaret Kalis from an injury last year, saw her back fit and strong and she took third.

Intermediate & Advanced Ladies MX.

We would like to thank all the ladies that took part, their friends and family that came out to support and to everyone that helped. We look forward to seeing you all at the next round in July.

A big thanks to Fox and 32Gi for the incredible prizes for the ladies. Huge thanks to Jackie Reymann from Valvoline SA, Wayne Kreunen from e-CAR head office and e-CAR VSB Auto Electrical & Fitment Centre for the incredible prizes for the ladies. We must say thanks to Jannie for Syringa as well as his staff for making it an incredible day out for everyone.

Some awesome Valvoline products sponsored as prizes for the day!

Full Results:

Beginner MX

Intermediate MX

Advanced MX

1. Lindie Barnard 43
2. Liezel Barnard 42
3. Aimee Oneill 42
4. Benica Phillips 42
5. Karen Neville 38
6. Tanya van Schalkwyk 35
7. Tania van der Walt 32
8. Liesel Booysen 30
9. Jolene Wolmarans 28

1. Leyah Bresler 50
2. Angelique Lindeque 44
3. Jennifer Neville 40
4. Kathryn Martin 38
5. Cathlene Roos 36
6. Annelize Boshoff 34

1. Kayla Raaff 50
2. Hannah Foster 44
3. Adel Pieroni 39
4. Belinde De Villiers 38
5. Kim Opperman 19

Beginner Enduro

Intermediate Enduro

Advanced Enduro

1. Kayla Raaff 45
2. Tania van der Walt 40
3. Benica Phillips 37
4. Liezel Barnard 35
5. Karen Neville 34
6. Aimee Oneill 31
7. Lindie Barnard 31
8. Liesel Booysen 30
9. Jolene Wolmarans 27

1. Angelique Lindeque 43
2. Jennifer Neville 43
3. Dominique Tursini 34
4. Leyah Bresler 32
5. Ilne Marx 31
6. Kathryn Martin 17

1. Adel Pieroni 42
2. Cathlene Roos 42
3. Margaret Kalis 32
4. Belinda de Villiers 12

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