Introducing Mefo Off-Road Mousse.

Submitted by Mefo Mousse
Published with Permission

Willi Liebl, one of the founders of Mefo Sport GmbH, has always been a keen competitor in Sidecarcross racing. He, together with his son Joachim (now CEO of Mefo Sport GmbH), started to develop and manufacture mousse to his specifications.
During the development phase, Daniel Willimsen, won the Sidecarcross World Championship four times using Mefo-Mousse.
In 2009, Mefo-Mousse was tested on the gruelling Dakar Rally, and the product was then introduced into Motocross, and specifically Junior Motocross.

Junior Motocross
It was an instant success, and in 2010 and 2011 the 85cc World Championship winners were all on Mefo-Mousse!
With the mousse and tyre working together as a “system”, it assists young competitors as follows:
- More traction, which equals more grip
- Full throttle starts, which ensures more holeshots
- Tyres and mousse forming part of the complete suspension
- Less rider fatigue, while cushioning shocks to the lower back
- No more shuddering
- Smoother riding style
- Faster through corners
- No more flat tyres
- And more

Always match the mousse with your specific tyre casing.
For instance, if you use a soft casing, like Pirelli/Bridgestone/Maxxis, fit the next size mousse e.g.:
MOM 16 BIG (16” - 90/100-16) in stead of standard MOM 16 (16” 90/100-16)

Please contact us for more information in order to perfectly match the Mefo-Mousse with your specific tyre brand.

Please note that Mefo-Mousse is available for nearly all tyre brands and casings.

Mefo Off-Road Mousse is now distributed by Mefo Sport Africa based in Johannesburg.
Contact details:
Johan Kriek: 083 305 8083
Office: 011 397 1637
Facebook: Mefo Sport Africa

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