Moto Kids shine at Syringa for Round 3!
23 September 2015

Written by Michelle Smith.
Photos by Carien & Ciara Bresler.
Published with Permission.

JOHANNESBURG, GAUTENG, 2015 – Syringa MX Park played host on 19 September to Round 3 of the MX SA Junior Rider Development Fun Series called Moto Kids, in association with Motorsport South Africa (MSA). Round 3 saw 28 kids in attendance aged between 4 and 11 years old with almost all the kids opting to participate in the MX and Enduro part of the day.

The Moto Kids were divided into 9 classes based on age and bike size. A new day programme greeted the kids and the day started out with the Enduro loop which took them along some old, unused train tracks and through a tunnel which was loads of fun. Everyone was astounded at the abilities of the boys and girls and what a promising future the sport has if even such beginners can adapt so well to these new environments. On the MX track which followed the enduro, it was once again incredible to see how all the kids that have participated this year thus far have grown from strength to strength. It is a very exciting time for Junior Rider Development!

We would like to thank all the kids that took part, their parents, friends and family that came out to support and to everyone that helped.
Each and every rider walked away with a reason to smile and we hope to see them all back for the final round for 2015 towards the end of the year. Keep an eye out on social media and the MX SA web site for news closer to the time.

Huge thanks to Jackie Reymann from Valvoline SA, Wayne Kreunen from e-CAR head office and e-CAR VSB Auto Electrical & Fitment Centre for the incredible prizes for the kids. We must say thanks to Jannie for Syringa as well as his staff for making it an incredible day out for everyone. Thanks to SuperBike Magazine for all their support this year with Moto Kids!

Some awesome Valvoline products sponsored as prizes for the day!

Full Results:

1A: Junior Peewee MX

1B: Senior Peewee MX

1C: 50cc Amateur Junior MX

2. Amateur Junior Club MX

1. Kaiden Culverwell 47
2. Logan van Vuuren 47
3. Jacques Lotter 40
4. Cole Wilhelmsen 38
5. Luan de Winnaar 36

1. Livio Tavares 50

1. Ray Schmidt 50
2. Anru Venter 44

1. Matthew Marsh 50
2. Dylan Appel 44

3A: Amateur Senior Club MX

3B: Pit Bike MX

4A: 50cc Amateur Senior MX

4B: 65cc Amateur MX

5A: 50cc Pro MX

1. Jayden Appel 50
2. Shane Collinson 44

1. Jordan Venter 50
2. Michaila Boshoff 44

1. Reef Pretorius 50
2. Marcello Pieroni 44
3. Kyle Joubert 39
4. Troy Tonking 39

1. Jonathan Steenkamp 50
2. Gerian van Niekerk 44
3. Alessandro Pieroni 40
4. William Le Hanie 38

1. Tristin Pienaar 47
2. Jaydon Bresler 47
3. Joshua Culverwell 40

1A: Junior Peewee Enduro

1B: Senior Peewee Enduro

1C: 50cc Amateur Junior Enduro

2. Amateur Junior Club Enduro

1. Kaiden Culverwell 25
2. Jacques Lotter 22
3. Troy Linaker 20
4. Carter Joseph 19
5. Luan de Winnaar 18

1. Livio Tavares 25

1. Anru Venter 25
2. Ray Schmidt 22
3. Matteo Di Lembo 20

1. Matthew Marsh 25

3A: Amateur Senior Club Enduro

3B: Pit Bike Enduro

4A: 50cc Amateur Senior Enduro

4B: 65cc Amateur Enduro

5A: 50cc Pro Enduro

1. Jayden Appel 25
2. Shane Collinson 22

1. Jordan Venter 25
2. Michaila Boshoff 22

1. Reef Pretorius 25
2. Marcello Pieroni 22
3. Troy Tonking 20
4. Kyle Joubert 19

1. Gerian van Niekerk 25
2. Alessandro Pieroni 22
3. William Le Hanie 20

1. Tristin Pienaar 25
2. Jaydon Bresler 22
3. Joshua Culverwell 20

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