Race Report - The Monster Energy SA MX Nationals - Round 7
Smoking Pistons, Gauteng

I'm lost for words, it has really been an up and down season but i never lost hope at all. Look where it got me, with 6 successful moto wins, the championship was tie, but the moto wins helped wrap it up. It was a good day all in all. I had an average start in the first heat but managed to get up in 4th let the place settle then I started pushing for 1st. Got the victory in heat 1 and then moto 2 with some issues before the gates dropped. I had a good start and got out in front quick. It was a pity about Charl van Eeden who fell hard and injured himself. I managed to find a good pace going and just flow with the lines. I had Ricky Raaff chasing me the whole moto. Took the 2nd heat and I am really proud of myself as a rider. I improved so much from the beginning of the year.

To all my sponsors!
Without you guys I would definitely not be here if it wasn't for you guys believing in me from the start of the season, to Franziska Brandl and Vaughan Swanepoel for the awesome KTM bikes this whole season. Bikes were super fast. I appreciate all your guys help.
Jim Tarantino, Helena Tarantino on behalf of TRP Distributors, kept me looking fresh thought my whole racing career. I wouldn't be looking as slick if it wasn't for you guys and definitely the protection I need. Xtreme Projects ( Kevin Kelly ) for the help with fuel this season. I would like to also thank Kevern Pelser for keeping my bikes on top notch for every race. The bikes are always in good condition with you supervising them. My family for always supporting me through thick and thin. Love you guys Eury Mlimi, Mavis Mahlalela, Jonathan Mlimi and my sister Jacqueline. Ryan Payne, Hayley Venter and everyone at Red Bull for all the drinks this year, they definitely gave me wings through out the season! Watprop for the funds helping wherever they could. What a way to finish my last 125 national ever! Couldn't have signed off in a better way.

Race Report - The Monster Energy SA MX Nationals - Round 3
Rover, Port Elizabeth - 30 May 2015

In the first moto I got closed down at the gate. I managed to get into 3rd place and stay there. The sand is very tough and I got arm pump.
In the second moto I was way better than the first and I didn't get arm pump. I was in 2nd for a few laps then was dicing with Charl van Eeden. We ended up 3rd for the day, happy to leave with good points, it was a good national all in all.
Well done to the competitors and organizers! Looking forward to the next one in Springfield!

Photo by Brodalka Photography

Race Report - The MSA Northern Regions MX Championship - Round 2
Syringa - 21 March 2015

This past weekend was a good one for me racing at the awesome dirt Dirt Bronco track, first heat in the 125 managed to get the holeshot and then win from there.
2nd moto I had an average start, probably 5th out the gate, then came together with Slade Smith and I hit his back wheel and flew off my bike haha. Got up from that and made it to 6th.
L last moto I was in 2nd for the duration of the race with Charl van Eeden up in front and Ricky Raaff behind, I passed the number 57 then he managed to get me back instantly it was a good battle between the top 3, ended up 2nd in that moto which gave me 2nd overall, the MX2B I came 2nd,2nd,1st with some close dicing again with Charl!

Overall I'm happy with my speed, and fitness all I want to do is keep the ball rolling for the next few races up ahead, would also like to thank everyone behind me, supporting me and all my sponsors, I appreciate all the help!

Race Report - The Monster Energy SA MX Nationals - Round 2
Zone 7, Cape Town - 11 April 2015

Photo by Brodalka Photography

Had the best weekend ever!! Put in 2 solid motos and I went 1-1 for the overall, so stoked with my performance and my fitness at the moment, also with the people behind me who help me with everything, my coach/team manager Darrel Fitz-Gerald for keeping me on my toes with training, KTM South Africa, Franziska and Vaughan for their continuous support with their awesome bikes, TRP Distributors , Jim and my dad for everything that they do for me, Ryan Payne and Red Bull South Africa for giving me wings out there appreciate their support and to my family for being there 24/7 and the whole Red Bull KTM crew for motivating me, and last but not least my mechanic Kevin Pelser for going through all the trouble and making my super fast, I have full trust when I'm riding my bikes because I know they are well looked after.I appreciate all of this help and I'm glad to pay my appreciation in victories, going to keep on training and we'll see you guys in PE.

Photo by Brodalka Photography

Race Report - The MSA Northern Regions MX Championship - Round 2
Syringa - 21 March 2015

This past weekend at syringa was a fairly good race day for me, in the first Moto had throttle problems so finished second last.
2nd moto I had a decent start I was lying in 3rd for two laps then made the move into second. I was happy with my pace in the moto, by the time I managed to catch up to Charl van Eeden it was already too late.
3rd moto I was in second for the first lap until Charl made a big mistake and crashed hard probably on the biggest jump on the track. I took the lead and managed to put in some good laps and realize my strong and weak points in the process, I feel like I've got everything that I need, just need to put it together.my fitness for sure is way better so I expect to last longer in the heats.
So I finished in a total of 5-2-1 giving me 2nd overall. Im' really happy with my riding and I can't wait for Cape Town!big thanks to everyone behind me,really appreciate all their help because honestly if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here if it weren't for them! I'm really thankful.

Race Report - The Monster Energy SA MX Nationals - Round 1
Harrismith - 28 February 2015

Photo by Brodalka Photography

First national done and dusted, happy to leave with a 3rd place,and injury free, already looking forward to round 2,I now know what needs to be done in order to crack the win, it's a long season, when I get back I just need to work on my fitness as I suffered from arm pump,then I can really put it together..already looking forward to Cape Town national just wanna thank everyone behind me for this year really wouldn't be able to do what I do without you guys!!

Race Report - The MSA KZN MX Championship - Round 2
Harrismith - 22 February 2015

As the build up to the first national, Harrismith held a pre-national regional and for extra practice, I decided to race it.
In practice it was all about making new lines as practice was a bit challenging with a bit of mud. 1st heat, I didn't get the greatest of starts, managed to pass up to 5th in the 2nd corner, then pushed throughout the early minutes of the Moto. Being used to the 3 heat and 10min format, I burned up a lot of energy in the beginning of the race, but by the time this happened I was third, trying to reel in 2nd place. I ended up getting arm pump in the late stages of the first race. So I settled for 3rd place.
Riding the MX2 made me aware of the lines that other riders weren't using and I could use them to my advantage.
I was keen to do something in the 2nd heat. As soon as the gates dropped, my bike basically went into limp mode, it started spluttering for about 3 corners on the first lap. I stopped and checked with my dad, it seemed fine. I then went out for another two laps, but by the time I was far behind and would be impossible to catch up. I just wanted to get points. After the two laps my bike came to a complete stop. Luckily it was not my national bike. Was just trying to play it safe. Not going to feed off the regional but look forward and work in the week before the national.
I'm really glad this all happened last week rather than the national, that would've been dreadful. Going into this weekend, I'm going with a clear head and a positive state of mind. Main goal is to salvage points as I know it will be a long season!
Would also like to thank the people that are behind me this season,like Franziska From KTM SA and Jim Tarantino from TRP, and to all of my other sponsors, I really appreciate the help and belief you guys put into me! Next update will be after the first national, hoping its a good one.

Race Report - The MSA Northern Regions MX Championship - Round 1
Terra Topia - 7 February 2015

Had a bit of a tough ride yesterday, going 4-2. When they say the start is key, the start is key!! Hit neutral as soon as the gates dropped in the first heat, and 2nd heat was just a battle between Charl van Eeden and I. The Intensity was crazy!!
I can't wait for the Nationals to come! Going to go home and do my homework before the upcoming Harrismith National.. thanks to all my sponsors for everything that they do for me, really appreciate their help.

Race Report - The WOMZA Gauteng Regional - Round 1
Terra Topia - 31 January 2015

I had an awesome first race back, this time on board the 250F!
In the first heat, I had to make a hard effort to get up in to 5th from being taken out on the first lap. I was very happy with how I pushed myself.In the secibd heat I managed to pull off a holeshot which felt pretty good and was battling with Kerim Fitz-Gerald! It didn't last long but felt awesome to hang with him for a bit. In the third heat I managed to come out the gates first, I was then passed for 1st and 2nd and was running 3rd until the halfway mark. I knew I had to put the laps down and managed to get into 2nd. I knew it was unlikely that i was going to catch up to the leader but I was very happy with my racing.
The Super Final was very intense riding with 450's. I was in 6th for a few laps and then had to push to 5th. On the last lap I was going to make the move on 4th with two corners to go but unfortunately the 450 just out sprinted me.
I'm very excited for this season, it's going to be an interesting one. I just want to thank all my sponsors for helping get to my prime, I really feel confident in myself and I'm ready to tackle the regional and national championships.

Race Report - The MSA S.A. National MX Championship - Round 5
Harrismith, Free State - 13 September 2014

Had a good day all in all in Harrismith! First time out there so I had to learn the track pretty quick! 1st heat had an average start I was in 3rd then Reid Sinnicks was on it and charged all the way to 2nd and I tried to go for 3rd on the last lap but the soil there is so tricky and it caught me and I crashed, so I settled for 4th. 2nd heat had another decent start I was in 5th then battled it out with Charl van Eeden was pretty cool. I got past him then he got past me and ended up 3rd in the last moto! This gave me a 4th overall.
Feeling good! Just going to try keep the momentum going on and on and try salvage as many points as possible going to the last round!!

Race Report - The MSA S.A. National MX Championship - Round 4
Thunder Valley, Pietermartizburg - 5 July 2014
Joshua's day started out a bit tough as his throttle got stuck in practice. Thankfully his team managed to repair it but it left him little time to practice. After practice they made sure everything was fine before the first heat race.
His bad luck continued as he was sitting on the starting line and we noticed fuel running out. It was too late so i told him just to go for it. He didn't get a great start but managed to work his way up to 4th by the end of the first heat.
It seems it wasn't one of Joshua's better days as he mirrored his result and also got a 4th in the second heat and overall 4th for the day. He still retains 2nd place in the championship.
With his big debut in Belgium less then a month away, Joshua's concern to make sure he is fit and uninjured clearly played a part as well.

Joshua Mlimi selected for the FIM Junior World Championships in Belgium.
Joshua has been chosen to select South Africa in the 125cc class and compete at the FIM Junior World Championship at Lierneux-Bastogne in Belgium on 10 August.

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