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Moto Kids.


What is Moto Kids?
Moto Kids is a Fun Series that exists for novice and amateur kids as a stepping stone before Club Racing. It is for developing junior motorcycle riders and is the breeding ground for the future generation of two wheeled enthusiasts. We provide a platform that makes motorcycle riding fun and gives youngsters a way to socially enjoy themselves before deciding on the next step of riding.

Who is Eligible?
Moto Kids is very specifically for Novice and Amateur kids who ride motorcycle between the ages of 4 - 10. We do not cater for quad bikes. We have clearly defined Development Classes that the kids can compete in listed below.
Youngsters that participate in Regional and National racing are not eligible to compete in any of our Development Classes but there are Exhibition Classes for them to have fun in and showcase their abilities.
Be sure to check out our list of Classes as well as our Migration Chart to see where your youngster fits in.

Novice: Newcomer, a person who is new to the circumstances in which he or she is placed; beginner.
Amateur: A person inexperienced or unskilled in a particular activity.

Our Events:
Working with MX and off road riding clubs, we move around and create fun days of various kinds for kids. We endeavour to offer scenarios that will develop a variety of riding skills for them.
Our events make use of junior MX tracks, flat tracks and where possible some flat off road loops. Each event offers something different depending on the facilities at the venue.

Due to the nature of this sport we will be extremely strict when it comes to rider safety and riders must wear all required protective gear while riding in order to participate.

How to get Started?
Youngsters who would like to participate on Moto Kids must have a motorcycle and must be able to ride it at a beginner level or better. Riders must have all necessary protective gear for riding safety.

The development classes list is a guideline. In the case of a rider showing good ability or riding skill they will be moved around to ride amongst a group more suited to their skill level.

- 1A: Junior Peewee (4–6)
(Yamaha Peewee50, Yamaha TTR50, Honda CRF50F or similar.)
- 1B: Senior Peewee (7–8)
(Yamaha Peewee50, Yamaha TTR50, Honda CRF50F or similar.)
- 1C: 50cc Amateur Junior (4-6)
(KTM 50SX, KTM 50SX Mini, LEM Fun DX-2 Junior, LEM Intermedet DX2 Beta or similar.)

- 2: Amateur Junior Club (4-7)
(Suzuki DRZ-70, Honda CRF70F, Yamaha PW80 or similar.)

- 3A: Amateur Senior Club Class (8-10)
(Yamaha TTR110, Honda CRF110F or similar.)
- 3B: Pit Bike Class (8-10)

- 4A: 50cc Amateur Senior (7-8)
(KTM 50SX, LEM Fun DX-3 Junior, LEM Intermedet DX3 Beta or similar.)
- 4B: 65ccc Amateur (7 – 10)
(KTM 65SX, Kawasaki KX65, LEM Race DX65 or similar.)

Exhibition Race ONLY featuring Regional & National Riders.
- 5A: 50cc PRO
- 5B: 65cc PRO

What you can expect on the day:
We will put the kids in different types of fun scenario’s that help them learn, enjoy some competition and make some new friends. Based on our development classes guidelines, the kids will be grouped according to bike make and if necessary, skill level to even out the riding levels in the groups as much as possible.
For the ‘MX’ portion of our day, which takes place in the morning, depending on the age and skill level, kids will fun race on either a flat track or a Junior MX track. We run two short heat races with sufficient rest time in between.
For the Off Road portion of our day which takes place later in the day, we will create some short flat loops. We will give them a chance to do a few loops. At all times we will have Marshalls around and parents are welcome to Marshall as well.
Each scenario will be dependant on the venue we attend. At the beginning of each day we will do a riders briefing to explain what we have planned and there will be a chance to practice.
For anyone wondering if their youngster is too much of a beginner to participate, we can assure you that Moto Kids was created for them. We have been training absolute beginners from as young as 4 years old at our Junior Academy for over a year and we will never put any youngster in a situation they are not ready for.
Our events are sanctioned and we have proper medical personnel at all of our events.
For the last three years MX SA has been running an Amateur Ladies Fun Race Series built on the same kind of platform where beginner ladies learn to ride and the Moto Kids Fun Races will form part of the day programme that include the beginner ladies as well. At no time are the ladies and juniors racing at the same time.

What it costs:
- Registration:
Contact us for the details.
- Medical Cover/Personal Accident Insurance:
On application, parents need to submit a certificate to us from your Medical Aid that your child is covered to participate in extreme sports. If you do not have medical cover, Motorsport South Africa will provide the option of their Personal Accident Insurance at a cost yet to be decided for 2016 for the year. We will not allow anyone to participate without medical cover of some kind.
The social licence application, together with your medical cover certificate must be returned to us. If you don’t have medical and would like to take the MSA Personal Accident Insurance, you just need to indicate it on the Social Licence Application.

Entry Fee’s: (per event)
Contact us for the details.

Who are We?
We are Motocross South Africa (MX SA). Moto Kids is one of our Rider Development projects along with the Junior MX Academy which teaches kids between the ages of 6-8 to ride a motorcycle as well as Diamonds & Dirt which is our Ladies development project that has been running since 2012.
We have created a home for motocross via our proudly South African web portal and we are involved in all levels of MX in South Africa as well some off road, enduro and supercross events.

If you would like to make sure you are on the Mailing List for all the details please email us on:


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