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Rules of racing.

The governing body has a book of Rules and Regulations. It is advised that you request these rules at the beginning of each season. As the years pass, changes are made to these rule books so it is always advised to keep a current copy and make sure you are up to date.
The rules for each governing body do vary so be sure make sure you are up to date with the rules that apply to you.

Here are some basics that you need to know:

Know your race flags!
- Red Flag: Indicates the race has been stopped.
- Yellow Flag: Indicates danger and the rider should proceed with caution.
- White Flag: Indicates that medical personnel are attending to a fallen rider.
- Green Flag: Indicates that it is all clear.
- Blue flag: Indicates that a rider is about to lap you.
- Black and white chequered flag: Finish of heat / race.

Required protective kit, specific to motocross:
- Helmet
- Goggles
- Race jersey that has long sleeves
- Gloves
- Pants
- Boots
- Elbow guards (recommended)
- Knee Protection (guards or braces) (recommended)
- Kidney Belt (recommended)
- Chest Plate / Chest Protector / Body Armour (Some of these have built-in kidney belts.)
- Neck Brace (recommended)

If there are any questions that you have about the Rules of Racing, please contact the governing body Motorsport South Africa on 011 675 2220 or alternatively contact us on


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