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How to get started in Motocross.

Here is some helpful information on getting started in Motocross in South Africa. For any questions you are welcome to e-mail

Step 1: Choose a class.

Before you look at getting started and buying a bike suited for motocross, it is best to decide which MX class is for you. Based on that, you will know which size bike to buy.
It is always advised to make sure of any Rule Changes that have taken place each year to make sure that you still fit into the correct class based on age and bike capacity. To find out what the class options are with ages and motorcycle capacities, contact Motorsport South Africa 011 675 2220 for a copy of the current MX rules.

Step 2: Choose a bike.

Once you have chosen a motocross class you can now need to find a bike. Motocross is a demanding sport, not only on the rider but also on the bike so it is suggested that you stick to bike brands that can handle the demands of Motocross.
Some obvious big names: Yamaha, Honda, KTM, Kawasaki, Suzuki, Husqvarna.

Step 3: Buy your riding gear.

Protective MX Gear is not only essential but most of it is compulsory. If you participate in motocross, the rules and regulations require that you wear the correct protective gear. Failure to do so can result in exclusion from races. Besides that, the gear offers the obvious necessary protection that is needed when racing motocross.

MX Helmet
The better the helmet, the better the protection. Make sure you get the correct type of helmet and the correct size.

MX Goggles
Essential to keep the eyes protected.

Neck Brace (optional)
Essential to protect against neck and back injuries.

Body Armour
You get two types of upper body armour. Full ‘jacket style’ kits or you can go for the more conventional Chest Protector with Kidney Belt and elbow guards.

Chest Protector
Worn over or under a jacket, chest protectors can prevent serious harm in the event of a crash. Constructed from pliable plastic and foam pads, they provide defense for your chest and sometimes your shoulders and back.

Kidney Belt
A kidney belt saves your back and kidneys from a lot of the impact and jarring that you receive when riding around a motocross track.

Elbow Guards

MX Kit
The ever popular riding pants, shirt and gloves come in a variety of striking designs.

Knee Guards / Knee Braces
A good set of knee guards or knee braces can help keep those legs and joints protected.

MX Boots
A vital part of your MX kit, these boots are very hard and rugged and can withstand just about anything.

Step 4: Get some lessons.

Before you jump into racing it is a very good idea to get some riding lessons for motocross.

Step 5: Join a club.

Once you feel you have learned what you need to know, it is then time to start racing. The next step is to join a Motocross Club. Many clubs have their very own club races and fun days and its a great way to get experience.
You will also need to join a club in order to get your racing licence. The governing body, MSA, can provide you with a list of their affiliated clubs so that you make sure you join the right club for the races that you intend to race.

Step 6: Ensure you are medically fit to participate.

It is very important that you are medically fit to participate in motocross. Signing a medical declaration is part of your licence application and it is important you are aware of any banned substances etc in motocross as well as any other medical conditions that you might be required to get special permission for. Full details on this and more can be found on the Motorsport South Africa web site.

Step 7: Get a licence.

Once you are registered with a club you need to contact the racing governing body again. You now need to take out a racing licence with them. You will not be allowed to race without a licence.
Basic Licence options are Club, Regional and National and riders of any age can get one.
In addition to this you are required take out rider insurance with the governing body. You are not allowed to race without it. The organisation can provide you with details of their prices and requirements regarding this. MSA has online licensing at
The licencing process will also help you choose a racing number which will need to be displayed on your bike. Great companies like RaceStar Graffix can assist in getting those numbers on your bike according to regulations and they can do it in a variety of cool designs so that your bike looks great.

Step 8: Enter a race.

Once you have everything you need, it’s time to enter your first race. You will be able to pick races according to the type of licence you registered, so if you have a Club licence, then you can enter Club races, etc.
Check with your local MX club or on sites like ours for racing dates.
Once you have entered a race, make sure you are completely aware of what the rules and regulations are for it and that you and your bike comply. There is always contact details available for any event in case you have any questions.
Then it’s just down to the big day. Putting what you have learned into practice and to have fun doing it.

Motocross is one of the biggest sports in the world and it is a great social and family orientated environment.
If you have any questions regarding any element of getting started in Motocross, please do not hesitate to contact us on


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