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Motocross terminology.

Here is a list of some commonly used terms in Motocross. If you get involved in Motocross, you will become familiar with them.

- Airtime: The amount of time spent in the air when jumping.
- Arm-pump: A symptom from a rider gripping too hard causing the forearms muscles to get hard restricting bloodflow.
- Attack Position: The riders body position.
- Brake Slide: When you lock up the back brake forcing it to slide out as you turn.

- Berm:
A berm is the built up outside edge of a corner on the track.

- Braking Bumps: Just before corners, riders have created small bumps from continually braking. As the race continues, these bumps become bigger and require more control over them.

- Concrete Start:
When the starting block is made of concrete.
- The Gate: Is the starting gate for each race.

- Double jump: One large jump made of two smaller ones.

- Came Up Short: When an obstacle is not completely cleared.
- CC: Cubic centimeters, refering to the bike size.
- Class: The 'groups' riders are seperated into and are based on the age of the rider, bike size or skill level. These are called classes.
- Disqualification: When a rider is removed from the competition.

- Goggles:
Protects the riders eyes and is essential and compulsory.

- Graphics: Used to describe the stickers placed on bikes.

- Holeshot:
The rider that makes it around the first turn of the race before anyone else.

- Pits: The are where riders and their crews set up for racing.

- DNF: Did not finish.
- DNS: Did not start.
- Hand guards: Attachments for the handlebars that block a riders hands from any direct impact.
- Hardpack: When a track is dry and hard

- Plastic:
Is the plastic panels that attach onto the bike like the 'fenders' and 'shrouds'. More often then not, they are covered in graphics.

- Roost: The mud or dirt flung in the air when spinning the rear wheel.

- Roll offs: A device on goggles that by adjusting while riding clears the lenses from dirt.

- Rut: An 'dug out' line in the track due to continuous riding.

- Knobbly: Reference to a motocross tyre.
- Lap: One full ride around the track.
- Line: This is the ideal course that you pick around the track to try and improve your times.
- Pile up: More then one bike involved in a crash.

- Scrub: A trick to keep the bike low by 'sliding' the bike on its side over a jump.

- Step-down: A type of jump that appears like a step down.

- Step-up: A type of jump that appears like a step up.

- Table top: A jump with a flat top that looks like a 'table'.

- Practice: One race day, it is the time given for a rider to get acquanted with the track before the race.
- Program: The schedule of events for the day.
- Race Sag: The amount a bike seat drops when a rider sits on the bike.
- Technical Briefing: The meeting that all riders must attend at the beginning of the race day.
- Wheelie: When you accelerate to raise the front wheel of the bike.

- Tear-offs: Several thin clear plastic lenses on top of one another that can be peeled back one at a time while riding to get rid of mud flicked onto your goggles easily.

- Triple Jump: One large jump made of three smaller ones. Riders can normally choose to 'double' the first two or 'triple' the whole lot.

- Whip: A technique where a rider manouveres the bike flat horizontally in the air and then brings it back up for the landing.

- Whoops: Section of the track consisting of more than 10 small jumps in a row that require good timing.

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